Wednesday, 20 July 2016

LETS TALK: A Few Little Things

This is another one of those brain dump kind of posts but I feel like I just want to get it all down on screen and then see where I go from there! Recently I, like a lot of my blogger friends, have been feeling a little dispondent with the community. I feel there has been a real seismic shift in those blogging for a hobby, and those that want this to be their career. Its not that there is anything wrong with that, its just that I feel its this whole thing of relatability. You see less and less people saying what they really think. Theres more and more paid for adverts and product reviews on blogs, and I feel this makes me wonder who I can trust. I love empties posts because if I know the blogger has used the whole product I feel that I can trust their review. Also there has been a few bloggers sharing products not worth the hype which I have also enjoyed.

I have really enjoyed posting my fashion posts over on my new blog, and I felt this space has become a little lost in what I want to do with it. And so I probably won't be posting over the next week while I sit and think and plan. Nothing dramatic but I wont be leaving, I love this little space here, I just need to decide going forward what I want to do! I will be going back on the FODMAP elimination diet, talking a lot more about health, body positivity, money saving and really just going back to my roots of running this little blog because I enjoy it and want to make friends! Now how does that sound?

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Saturday, 16 July 2016


This is the kind of post I dont want to write. The kind where I feel like I am lost. I feel like my mental health issues are taking over and the more I try to portray that I am happy on the outdside the more I want to run away and hide. 

What you have to know about depression is that its not always constant. My anxiety seems to be everyday relentless heart racing and worrying. My depression comes in waves. Yesterday morning I cried pretty much constantly from the minute I woke up until about 3pm. I was glued to my bed for the first part and slowly and surely I had to make myself get up. 

I had to not make myself feel guilty about all the housework that needed doing and just do what I can.

I had a bath and some food, a cup of tea and a little sleep and gradually I started to feel a little more human.

I am writing this becuase i believe it is important, to share the good times and the bad. Bloggers are getting a reputation for showing only the good parts of their days and while there are some things I would rather keep private I believe my depression is nothing to be ashamed of and even just writing down I have been feeling helps me to keep track and see if these days are becoming more frequent.

If you are struggling please feel free to talk to me, a doctor, the samaritans ... whoever you feel ok with, but remember you are never alone. 

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Friday, 15 July 2016

EVENT: The Blogger Tiki Party

So a bit of a lighter post on the blog today, I wanted to share with you what I got up to last Sunday! I was kindly invited to the blogger tiki party hosted by the wonderful Kirsty and Ashton. After a horrendous start to the morning and a massive panic attack (Sat in the toilets of the bullring ... classy) I made it in one piece! 

The event was hosted at the Island Bar in Birmingham somewhere I have never been before and when I arrived in a hot sweaty mess with blistered feet the bar staff were lovely enough to get me a glass of water! After drinking that taking two paracetemol and changing into my trainers, I was ready to have some fun!

Thursday, 14 July 2016

MONEY: The Spending Diaries: Week Two

So, here we are at week two. Last week I spent £83.29 but I had no plans to bring it down this week as I knew I was travelling at the weeken to Birmingham and I know train fares etc are expensive these days. However I was going to try and not spend as much money on food for my night shifts at the the little tesco! So lets see how it goes ...

Monday, 11 July 2016

LETS TALK: The ugly side of blogging

Recently I have been feeling a little dispondent about this whole community and this weekend things seemed to come to a head in my mind and I need to just get some things off my chest ...

I started reading blogs about 5 years ago. I was at university and I loved the way that bloggers would be completely honest about products. That new brush all the magazines rave about? They would tell me its actually not all that. They £40 eye cream thats being advertised everywhere? They would point me in the direction of one that was just as good, if not better, for a fraction of the price. 

Even when I started my blog just over a year ago now I remember thinking that bloggers were the people who told it like it was, and werent afraid to tell you if something was a gimmick. I dont know when it happened but suddenly my bloglovin feed started filling with the same product reviews over and over again, and people daring not to say anything bad in fear of upsetting a company. I have heard countless times that people have been asked by companies not to post a negetive review, and this is to me making bloggers lose their intergirity!

I remember being invited to my first blogger events last summer and feeling like a complete fraud when I was given these goodie bags from brands with everything from hair and beauty products to food and drink for me to try. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world, because actually I am now getting out the house and meeting new people quite frequently. I have groups of friends from all over the country who regularly help me out when I am feeling crappy and this blog has bought them to me.

However, yesterday I went to an event, The Blogger Tiki Party, which I will be writing all about this week, and it was a fabulous event! I got to see a lot of my favourite people and also made some new friends. What saddened me was to find out that people had stolen from the host, taken more of things than they were allowed and just been downright disrespectful. Kirsty and Ashton had put so much work into the event and instead of being thankful for the opportunity and to meet new people etc they were clearly more focused on how much stuff they could get. For example there were a couple of tables set up that people could take a box with a sign saying please take one, and yet not everyone managed to get one, so someone or a group of bloggers must have taken more?

Its not the first time I have heard of things going sour at events either. Sarah from The Prosecco diaries has written a couple of good posts about bloggers behaving badly on her blog. She wrote bloggers will be blacklisted where she talks about the impact of no shows and people who drop out of events last minute and another more recently about how blogging has changed which you can read here. Alice from sotonbloggers also wrote a post about how bloggers who only blog for free stuff stand out like a sore thumb

I think the thing that saddens me more than anything is the fact that these wonderful women that are putting so much hard work into organising these events are having it soured by a few selfish people who dont appreciate the community. As I said I am so grateful for what the community has given me over the past year and I hate to see it spoilt by a few bad eggs.

What are your thoughts?

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Saturday, 9 July 2016

FOODIE: Bodega Cantina Launch

On Thursday night I was invited to the launch of Bodega Cantina in Leicester. Located in St Martins Square, one of the trendiest areas in Leicester which already houses crafty burger and gelato village, Bodega Cantina brings the taste of South America to Leicester! The menu is based around popular street food such as nachos, quesadillas and Burritos.

Friday, 8 July 2016

LET'S TALK: The Youtube Haul Culture.

I am not sure if this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but its something that has been grinding on me for a while now. Youtube Hauls. Actually more specifically the number of budget hauls, affordable hauls, 30 under £30 hauls etc that have popped up recently. I sit and watch hauls, but as you know I go out charity shopping. I see someone show all the things that they have bought recently and think I bet I could get a dres like that for £1 and thats how it goes.

The thing that worries me is that younger girls are being sucked into this culture of thinking this is normal. I know when I was having a bad time a few years ago I racked up a small but still being paid off, credit card debt. Its not that I think people will just blindly go out and buy everything because a youtuber says so, but sometimes you know you get sucked in. If enough people are looking good in something it can be pretty persuasive.

It just goes back to my niggle recently that a lot of youtubers are becoming unrelatable. A very well known youtuber (with a mostly teenage following) recently uploaded a haul and when the pieves were added up it came to over £800. Now thats as expensive as my holiday last year.

Go to primark, its fun, maybe have a nandos or wagamamas to go with it. Those words are from a blogger I REALLY like, my problem is though just this encouraging of spending all the time. I want to see more of "this coat I have had for three years and it is still doing me strong" rather than I buy six new coats every year ...

From a sustainability point of view to, I very rarely see these outfits again, and I worry about the impact of this.

Do you agree? I mean feel free to just tell me I am totally missing the point and to shut up. I wont be offended ...I love shopping as much as the next person but I feel the youtube culture of hauls is just encouraging this culture of buying for the sake of buying.  

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