Thursday, 23 March 2017

I'm OK but only OK.

I have been throwing myself into work all guns blazing. 

I have also been saying yes to days out, meals out whatever life throws at me.

I feel like I am running on a treadmill and I have to keep running. If I start to slow down I'll fall straight off it and end up crying in a heap on the floor battered and bruised.

I don't feel like I have seen my friends in ages and I feel like unless I make some time for them I'm going to end up alone.

Yet there's always an extra shift to pick up.

An extra little pay check to go towards the credit card or the house deposit.

Yet my current house is in chaos

I keep on telling myself I'll take a break.

As soon as the holiday comes I'll rest. I won't work as much. I'll be kind to myself. I'll have more balance.

And yet

I still keep running on that treadmill. 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

That Sunday Post: Eight

I have started to think of each week in two parts and that's work and play. The days I am at work everything else seems to go out of the window. I know that at the moment I am working too much, not eating right and not exercising enough. My health needs to be a priority but at the moment I am still sticking my head in the sand and ploughing through. I am booking more shifts as we speak and my work life balance is all over the place. I will slow down, I just keep looking forward towards my holiday, paying off my credit card and ultimately buying myself a house.

Anyway! The play part of my week has been good and that's what I am focusing on! What has got me through? P.s. I really need to change the name of these to what I ate this week as they have recently been very foodie focused haha

Oh also I am aware that I haven't been linking up to other blog posts, I have been reading some when I can but I honestly haven't had much time!

1. Sunday Roast

At 26 years old I cooked my very first whole chicken last Sunday for me and the hubby AND I carved it myself. There was plenty to eat with veg, roasties and Yorkshire pudding and enough leftovers to make soup! However I couldn't find the power lead for my soup maker so ...

2. Finding my soul mate in TK Maxx.

Before Monday's night shift I popped into town because I was at the other hospital in my city and got talking to the man behind the till about mixing sweet and salty flavours. He admitted he had some weird concoctions and I said, "Can't be as weird as my favourite jam sandwiches with salt and vinegar crisps." He started laughing because that's his favourite too and I just felt like I had met a kindred spirit. 

3. Yo Sushi.

After craving it for weeks I finally found myself in Leicester on a blue Monday and so treated myself to a cheeky little pre work sushi dinner. I like going out by myself for dinner, something I used to feel weird about doing but actually now I really enjoy it. Good for mindful eating!

4. Easy 00s Play list on Spotify.

I have been listening this on my breaks to try and regain some sanity from the shifts. I have had some really emotional shifts this week and worked on the whole spectrum from birth to death (going from the delivery suite one night to an elderly care ward another ... don't say my job isn't varied!)

5. Crafty Burger!

Slight spoiler for an upcoming post but every Thursday, Friday and Saturday St Martins coffee shop in Leicester becomes Crafty Burger where the sell the BEST burgers in the whole of Leicester. It has been far too long since we last visited and so for Tom's birthday we went along. We went the whole hog with pigcorn poppers for starters, two burgers, pimped up fries and drinks came in at just under £35 and left us so full we could barely walk! If you haven't been I strongly recommend you book and go as soon as possible!

6. Lunch with my Nana

So my poor Nana is waiting for a cataract operation and cant drive at the moment and I think she is climbing the walls a bit! So on Friday despite wanting to crawl into bed and not move I took her some soup up and we had a lovely meal together!

7. Billy Elliot at The Hippodrome

I had seen Billy Elliot in London and when I saw that it was coming to the Hippodrome I decided to take my mom for a special birthday. It was absolutely fantastic and I left the theatre feeling elated. I always forget how much I love the theatre until I am in there knowing all of the words and wanting so desperately to be back up on that stage. I have been singing grandmas song, the letter and electricity ever since.

8. Reading and Audio books

In a bid to change my financial habits I have been listening to and reading books about spending. The first was Spent memoirs of a shopaholic which resonated with me on some levels. While I have never got myself into massive debt from my spending habits I do know that I shop when bored, stressed or down and I need to change this. I then listened to The No Spend Year on audible and I was pretty much in awe of Michelle's commitment over the year. One thing I have done this payday (I get paid weekly) is to take out what I can afford in cash for the week and it has already made me really stop and think about what I have bought.

Charlotte Lucy

Sunday, 12 March 2017

That Sunday Post: Seven

The last two weeks are kind of a blur.

I missed this post last week because I worked all weekend, and this week has been much of the same. I definately know that I have been doing too much because on my day off on Thursday I crashed. I was meant to be going to a Lush Event and also Crufts but a mix of too many hours at work, not enough fluid and period pain on top led to a fibro flare of epic proportions and so I have ended up having to take a few days rest when there was so much else I wanted to be doing.

The thing with my chronic illness is that I have it pretty well controlled until I try and push my limits. Thats when it all goes tits up.

1. Anniversary Margeritas

On Thursday it was my 4th wedding anniversary and as we had to take my Nana to a hospital appontment we decided to go to Centro Lounge afterwards and I had the most gorgeous margerita. I tend to get dizzy if I drink more than one drink on my citalopram so I always chose wisely and I definately made the right choice here! It was gorgeous 

2. Colour changing umbrella

I don't like the rain in the slightest but if I must go into it why not take this brolly I got from primark. For £5 the stars change colour when they get wet!

3. Oatly Lattes and Croissants at Dolce Verde

Have I mentioned my new favourite coffee shop? Located on Belvoir street in Leicester I popped in not long ago and fell in love. Its a heady mix of the warm, comfy interior, the friendly staff and the delicious food and drink! I find with my IBS that if I have coffe with milk I am poorly, but find soya milk has a funny taste. Oatly however doesn't alter the taste of the coffee and as the only place in Leicester to serve this as their dairy free alternative I no longer go anywhere else for my coffee fix!

4. Lunch and A Catch Up with Rebecca

I don't see my blogger friends enough so pretty last minute plans to meet Rebecca for lunch were very welcome. We had a much needed catch up and daytime drinking at Boneyard in Leicester. Ive actually been twice in the last week and I think the food is pretty poor. The street food is good but the burgers are overpiced and definately dont live up to the amazing burgers you can get in Leicester. However, the cocktails are AMAZING and so I would recommend going there for drinks 100%

5. Tea, tea and all the tea.

I used to drink a lot of energy drinks at work until last month I had some really scary palpitations in the middle of town after a run of night shifts. I was shaking, my palms were sweating and I could feel my heart leaping out of my chest. It is worse than anything I have ever experienced and it scared me to death. I have been trying since then to cut down a lot on the caffiene I have been drinking and have been having lots of cups of decaf tea!

6. Mrs Bridges all the time.

Ok, so maybe not all the time but when I was crazing a full english after my nights who sorted me out? Mrs Bridges. When we needed a bacon sandwich before the beer festival who was there for us? Mrs Bridges. The small cafe has such an extensive menu that I don't know how they manage to make everything tast so fresh and such high quality every time!

7. Leicester Beer Festival, VirGINity and the Blackhorse 

When Tom said he wanted to go to the Leicester Beer Festival I decided to go along with him as the good wife I am. Who would have I known I would get talking to the guys from the Blackhorse in Aylestone at their gin bar and fall in love with gin?? I tried two gins (and couldn't actually tell you what they were but the tasted delicious!)

So thats been my busy two weeks! Im back at work doing another 50 hours next week which I really need to cut down but for now its just not possible so I just have to keep swimming along and doing the best I can to look after myself!

Charlotte Lucy.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

What I'm Looking Forward To In March (& a February Re-cap)

February has been a real mix of lots of eating food and looking after myself which has actually been pretty blissful. I have tried to pick up a few extra shifts at work and spending a lot of time on pinterest planning out my dream home (which hopefully we will be buying next year) Since watching the minimalist documentary on Netflix I have been taking a good look at my posessions and deciding which I really love and want to keep and have been on a bit of a decluttering mission which I hope to carry on through March!

Anyway what am I looking forward to in March?

  • Going out for food more! I have lots of breakfast and lunch dates booked in with my friends this month and looking forward to exploring more of Leicesters independent restaurants!
  • My wedding anniversary! On Thursday I will have been married to Tom for 4 years! Its absolutely flown by.
  • Trying out Brood!
  • Crafty burger for Tom's birthday meal!
  • Going to see Billy Elliot for my moms birthday
  • Films wise there are a lot of great films coming out this month but more than anything I cant wait to see Beauty and The Beast!
Apart from that it's lots of Night shifts to try and pay off my credit card and put some money into the house savings!

Charlotte Lucy

Saturday, 25 February 2017

That Sunday Post: Six.

These posts are fast becoming my favourite to write! Even if like last week things haven't gone smoothly I feel like I can just come here, write it all down and enter the new week fresh!

I love Mondays.

As I generally work Tuesday to Thursday night now they are my equivalent of a Sunday only better because places are open normal hours, town is less busy and I consider it my mental health day. It's my day to do whatever I want. Recently I've been mostly using it to see friends, eat food and have a swim and sauna session and it's been blissful.

After how poorly I was last week this week has been worlds apart! No IBS flares, managing to do more than just work. I worked tuesday to thursday and I then booked another shift for Sunday night! I hope I am not taking on too much but I am really determined to get my credit card paid off and also get my house deposit together! So what has kept me smiling this week?

1. Inappropriate chats and Bodega lunch on #meatfreemonday

I have been making a conscious effort to eat less processed food and also less meat! Don't get me wrong I'll never be a veggie again but I've been enjoying exploring what veggie options are around! So on Monday I headed for lunch with Kirstie and Hollie and we had a really good time! Despite me being sober as a judge I ended up giggling throughout lunch and really lifted my spirits!

2. Blood test results.

Despite my bleed last week all my bloods seem to be back to normal, despite my ridiculously low Vitamin D which has been a fight to raise for months. 

3. Breakfast at Eat Kai

I had been meaning to go to eat Kai for a while (along with a lot of Leicester independents) and finally popped in on Tuesday after my blood tests! I will never go to wether spoons for an eggs benedict again since tasting this! It was absolutely perfect! 

4. The patient that told me I was worth 1 million pound a week!

During a really busy shift at work my patients were talking about some footballer who was being paid a million pound a week and then one said oh you girls here are worth that what you do for us! It really made my day.

5. Canteen at LCB Depot

On Friday night we went along to Canteen at the LCB Depot on Rutland Street Leiceter. Canteen is one of a kind in Leicester with street food from different vendors. We tried a few different things but the standout for us was Smoqued food! Pictured above were the tacos we had beef cheek and the chickpea version and both were incredibly tasty!

6. Kevin and Perry Go Large

We decided after getting a chinese takeaway last night we would sit and watch Kevin and Perry go Large. Its one of those classic films that just remind me of being a teen (and you know watching a 15 when I was 13 ...)

7. Our new to us Butchers Block from the British Heart Foundation

So as the story goes yesterday I decided to start my decluttering and drop off two bags of clothes at the LOROS shop, I then popped into the BHF and came home with this! Haha. We both fell in love with it straight away. I love spending time at home and although we are saving for oue own home we are also determined to make where we are now the nicest it can be without spending loads of money.

8. The minimalists documentary on Netflix

I never thought I would be someone that would ever even consider minimalism but actually some of the things they said really made sense to me. About not feeling like you have to buy or keeps things, but actually really cherishing every item you own. Its something I have really taken on board and have already started decluttering so watch this space!

And the Blog Posts I have enjoyed this week?

Charlotte Lucy 


Thursday, 23 February 2017

February Foodie Favourites!

So I love favourites posts. Not only are they good to see each month what my favourite bloggers have been loving but I really enjoy the kind of round up posts at the end of the year to see if people are still loving things a year on! So I have decided that each month I will do a food favourite here and over on Shoestring Chic will be my Fashion and beauty favourites! Sound good?

I am not sure what kind of format these will take so I thought I would just run with it!!

Best Breakfast or Brunch

It has to be the fabulous French toast I had at Mrs Bridges Tea Rooms! Buttery and delicious with perfect crispy bacon it was a taste sensation and I'm already planning when I can go back again!

Best Lunch

This one was an easy decision! This Halloumi and Courgetti wrap from boots was a limited edition and the past week I haven't been able to get my hands on it so it's either already been discontinued or people just love it as much as I do!

Best Dinner

Ok I'm technically cheating with this one as I actually had this pizza for lunch but I'm sure you'll agree with me that this huge sourdough pizza could have been a dinner? Glad I finally ticked Peter Pizzeria off the list of local independent restaurants I want to visit!

Best Drink 

This is actually a tie between this and the lemon and mint flavour which I can't find the picture of! But San Pellegrino never fails to make me think of holidays every time I drink it 😍

Best Snack 

I have been all over popcorn this month and I think my favourite has to be the Propercorn sweet and salty (I may have eaten a bag most days this month don't judge!)

Best Dessert

An oldie but a goodie! The Bru Bronkie is a cross bwtween a brownie and a cookie and is  delicious! Fabulous as it comes and even better warmed up with a scoop of gelato 😍

Home made meal 

Ok, it's not strictly a meal but between being ill, lacking inspiration and eating out a lot I haven't cooked many things worth shouting about this month! BUT I did bake banana bread and it was delicious so here it is! The recipe I followed was this Mary Berry one but all my chocolate chips sunk! Anyone who knows how to prevent that your tips would be gratefully received!

So there you have it my food and drink favourites this month! What should I try out next month?

Charlotte Lucy