Thursday, 23 February 2017

February Foodie Favourites!

So I love favourites posts. Not only are they good to see each month what my favourite bloggers have been loving but I really enjoy the kind of round up posts at the end of the year to see if people are still loving things a year on! So I have decided that each month I will do a food favourite here and over on Shoestring Chic will be my Fashion and beauty favourites! Sound good?

I am not sure what kind of format these will take so I thought I would just run with it!!

Best Breakfast or Brunch

It has to be the fabulous French toast I had at Mrs Bridges Tea Rooms! Buttery and delicious with perfect crispy bacon it was a taste sensation and I'm already planning when I can go back again!

Best Lunch

This one was an easy decision! This Halloumi and Courgetti wrap from boots was a limited edition and the past week I haven't been able to get my hands on it so it's either already been discontinued or people just love it as much as I do!

Best Dinner

Ok I'm technically cheating with this one as I actually had this pizza for lunch but I'm sure you'll agree with me that this huge sourdough pizza could have been a dinner? Glad I finally ticked Peter Pizzeria off the list of local independent restaurants I want to visit!

Best Drink 

This is actually a tie between this and the lemon and mint flavour which I can't find the picture of! But San Pellegrino never fails to make me think of holidays every time I drink it 😍

Best Snack 

I have been all over popcorn this month and I think my favourite has to be the Propercorn sweet and salty (I may have eaten a bag most days this month don't judge!)

Best Dessert

An oldie but a goodie! The Bru Bronkie is a cross bwtween a brownie and a cookie and is  delicious! Fabulous as it comes and even better warmed up with a scoop of gelato 😍

Home made meal 

Ok, it's not strictly a meal but between being ill, lacking inspiration and eating out a lot I haven't cooked many things worth shouting about this month! BUT I did bake banana bread and it was delicious so here it is! The recipe I followed was this Mary Berry one but all my chocolate chips sunk! Anyone who knows how to prevent that your tips would be gratefully received!

So there you have it my food and drink favourites this month! What should I try out next month?

Charlotte Lucy

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

My Kick Anxieties Arse Songs.

A while ago I realised my anxiety was at its worst when I was on the bus or waiting for the bus. I have mentioned before that my anxiety is very much intertwined with my IBS. I used to sit at my bus stop opposite my house and I would convince myself that I needed to go back to the house for the toilet. I would shake, I would feel sick and would end up running back to the house.

One day, I was on a 45 minute bus journey where I was absolutely certain I wasn't going to make it to a toilet. I was sweating and shaking. I closed my eyes took some deep breaths and started humming to myself. This sounds really strange but by box breathing (in for four, hold for four, out for four, hold for four) and singing through some songs in my head I managed to stop the panic attack and make it to a blissful toilet at my destination (well ok, It was a slightly smelly bus station toilet but the door locked and there was toilet paper so, heaven.)

Anyway! From that day I decided that whenever I was having a panic attack I would put my headphones on and listen to songs I could really get lost in. It doesn't always make me feel better but it seems to stop me getting into a full on panic. It helps aswell that a few of the songs are songs I dance around naked too at home and that makes me feel really confident! So my top songs from the list are:

Confident Demi Lovato

Get Back Up Again Anna Kendrick TROLLS Soundtrack

Happy With Me Holychild ME BEFORE YOU Soundtrack

Satellite Moments Charlie Fink

You Don't Own Me Grace

Perfect Emma Blackery

Born This Way Lady Gaga

Chasing Cars Boyce Avenue Cover

Breathe (2AM) Anna Nalick

Fighter Christina Aguilera  

So there you go, these are the songs that make me feel like I can kick anxietys arse and do anything I want! Do you find any songs that help you? These are a mix between songs that help me calm down and breathe, and others that feel like they are shouting the anxiety out of my head and the mix of the two seems to work wonders for me!

Charlotte Lucy

Sunday, 19 February 2017

That Sunday Post: Five.

This week started off really well on Monday and then went downhill rapidly on tuesday. Im always honest with you about my health and on tuesday I lost a fair amount of blood which scared me more than anything I have ever had happen to me before. I straight away got an emergency doctors appointment and blood tests etc. Were still not sure what caused it but the plan is just to keep monitoring.

Anyway so I has to cancel my shifts at work for the rest of the week, I was getting exhausted just walking up and down the stairs! I spent a couple of days laying down watching trash on telly and just drinking water and not much else. Slowly though by looking after my self I can say that while I am not feeling 100% I am slowly getting there! So what has got me through this week you ask?

 1. A Girly Lunch at Peter Pizzeria

When I mentioned that I hadn't been to Peter Pizzeria on twitter Emma insisted that I was missing out and so along with Kirstie we decided to go out for a girly lunch, chat and some charity shopping! Well the pizza was amazing (I went for the Ortolana with sauce which was bloody beautiful, I am eating more veggie meals and less meat). I also picked up some amazing bargains in the charity shops ... including a £2 Joules dress which I will show you in my February buyers archive post!

2. Trashy TV on HayU, mermaid blanket and Graze boxes.

I had managed to accumulate quite a few of my Graze snack boxes and so I bought them to the bedroom with me. I downloaded the free trial of HayU, snuggled under my mermaid blanket and sat watching the real houeswives of the O.C. pretty much all day. Talking of Graze I have also been adding boxes to my porridge and especially the chocolate ones that melt in! If you haven't tried Graze you can get your 1st, 5th and 10th box free by using my code NW43VH67P.

3. Taking note of my mental health.

If you didnt already know I struggle with depression. Last year I was on 40mg citalopram daily which I stopped suddenly (Don't do it kids, it messed me up). I now take 20mg daily and feel like I am finally on a dose which fits me and my body! When my physical health deteriorates and leaves me pretty much housbound I really have to make sure that my mental health doesnt go down hill. I have been reading this Matt Haig book, making sure I take my medication and also drinking lots of hot chocolate! Ive also just let my mind relax. Not focus on anything too much and just let my body recover and I am proud to say I think this is the first time I have ever not let my mental health slip while my physical health has been bad.

The posts I have loved this week ...

Charlotte Lucy 

Thursday, 16 February 2017

January Second Hand Book Haul.

I asked on twitter if you would be interested in a haul of books I have thrifted this month and with a resounding YES I thought I better deliver! So here are the books that I bought in January! I had a great little haul in London followed by a few bits in my home town!

1. Fashion Uk Caryn Franklin

I am growing a little library of fashion books and when I saw this for £2.99 in Oxfam in Wood Green. Its a guide of which shops stand out from the crowd. Published in 2002 its been an interesting read to see which shops are still around and doing well!

2. Backwards In High Heels, The Impossible Art of Being Female

This was another London buy and I can't actually remember which shop I bought it in! I was originally drawn to it because of the pretty cover I am not going to lie but it describes itself as " a book for every woman struggling to make sense of the contradictory demands of the 21st century" and I am really looking forward to reading it!

3. Banksy wall and peace

Another London pick up! After reading humans of New York stories last month I really liked the idea of getting more coffee table books that I could just sit and read with a cup of tea and just kind of flick through when I am chilling. Finding this in the FARA shop in London seemed pretty perfect for a London souvenir too and I paid £4.99 for it.

4. London Style City
Buy Here  

Another perfect London souvenier is this style city book. I have been looking for photgraphy books in Charity shops for ages but they just aren't something you regularly come across in Leicester!

5. Living Dolls
Buy here  

I have been reading a lot more feminist literature lately and this was on my to read list so jumped at the chance when I saw it for £2.99 in the Leicester Oxfam!

6. Never Judge a book by its cover - Lisa Riley my story 
Buy Here 

I bloody love Lisa Riley so when I saw her book for 49p in Age UK I had to snap it up! I totally fell for her when she proved on Strictly that fat isnt an indicator of health or dance ability and I am looking forward to reading her story!

7. The fault in our stars
Buy Here

I loved the film and thought I should probably read the book too! Again 49p in Age UK. I find a lot of charity shops have really hiked up there prices recently so its nice to see that there are still bargains to be had!

8. Jane Eyre 
Buy Here  

 I know its shameful that I havent read this yet! Thats all I can say right? £1, straight in my basket (well actually in my arms that were already overflowing with things) from British Heart Foundation.

9. The Great British Bake Off - How To Bake
Buy Here 

Did I tell you I am trying to bake more? My biggest bargain of the month at 99p (for sale on amazon at £17.49) and in mint condition! Its beautifully illustrated and has plenty of easy to follow recipes that I cant wait to get stuck into!

10. Style Feed: The Worlds Top Fashion Blogs
Buy Here 

I dont think a book has ever left the shelf as fast as this one did when I got my beady eyes on it. In mint condition and only costing £3 from the British Heart Foundation I had to give it a go. Still for sale for £16.99 I took it straight to costa and went from cover to cover while drinking a hot chocolate! It has given me some fashion blogging tips and envy and also introduced me to some new bloggers!

Charlotte Lucy.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Symprove Diaries: A Wobble.

So you may have read my previous Symprove diaries (1,2,3 & 4) and noticed they had stopped. Well after the last week I had a horrendous week of worse cramps than usual, loads of Diarrhoea and sickness and just felt my body wasn't coping. So I stopped taking symprove and took my diet right down to the basics of just food I knew wouldnt upset me and plodded on.

After speaking to the ladies at Symprove I have decided to restart it but on a smaller dose for a couple of weeks and build up gradually. I am also going to start a food and symptom diary so watch this space!

Charlotte Lucy.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

That Sunday Post: Four

This week feels like it has been so long!

I have spent a lot of it exhausted and in pain. I think thats the direct result of how low my vitamin D levels are really low combined with the fact that I got my period which you know has sucked the life out of me! Despite that there have been some good things this week that have kept me going ...

1. Sleep, Sleep all the sleep!

One of the things that I somethings struggle with is fatigue. It's hard sometimes to know whether it's caused by my fibromyalgia/IBS or my depression but this week I spent most of Monday and a big chunk of Tuesday sleeping.

2. Listening to my musical favourites on repeat.

I have a number of spotify playlists and this week I have been obsessed with my musicals list. I have one thats just all the 100s of songs from all the musicals I enjoy and then a musical favourites which is more curated. The three songs that are now stuck in my head ... Man from The Full Monty, Three Little Words from Ghost and You Should See Yourself from Sweet Charity 

3. Halloumi and Courgetti wrap

I cant describe to you how amazing this tastes or how annoyed I am that its only limited edition. I have eaten these most night shifts in the last could of weeks because yum. I am not a vegetarian but I am really trying to cut down on the amount of meat I am eating.

4. My cat, CSI and a good glass of port

So after I finished my nights this week we ordered an Indian (which I couldnt eat much of as I have a really sore tongue and can only seem to eat really plain food... fun) but anyway I digress. I got a glass of port and my mermaid blanket and snuggled up on the sofa with a few episodes of CSI. My cat Fagan joined me and started purring away and we both fell asleep.

5. Cold crisp mornings 

Im not a fan of the cold weather as a whole but I love finishing a night shift and while waiting for the bus in the cold, knowing that as soon as Im home I get to get into my warm comfy bed, maybe with a hot chocolate and sleep all day!

6. Instagram!

I have really fallen back in love with my instagram (discoveringcharlotte) If you dont already follow and have been spending time editing my pictures and really showing off my food loves!

7. My Embrace screening went live!

You will all know by now how life changing this documentary has been to me and now I am trying to bring it to Loughborough! I need as much help as I can get though as I have 13 more days to sell 61 tickets for it to go ahead! I am working my ass off trying to promote it but would be grateful to anyone who would book or ticket, tell others about it etc

What posts have I loved this week?

I have recently been trying to streamline my bloglovin feed by unfollowing blogs I have falllen out of love with, and also those that when I first started had my interests but just now I am no longer interested in and I really think its helping. I loved so many posts this week that narrowing it down for this post was really difficult! Bloggers all over the place have been killing it!

  • I love reading Un-Fancy and this week especially I have been trying to work out how I feel about my wardrobe and both this post and this post have helped me in my head to re-evaluate how I feel about clothes
  • Emily's little blogging office is perfect and something I hope I can one day have when we finally become home owners! 
  • You know I love a #buyersarchive post and this week Janet uploaded hers and made me jealous of the beautiful tulle skirt she found!
  • Hannah is always speaking out about mental health and this week spoke about how shes going to help her patients with mental health and we need more doctors like her!
  • You know I live with a number of invisible illnesses and Neecolas post about living with them just blew me away as she articulated it perfectly.
  • Sarahs Six tips to sort your spending helped me out as I have been really spending like money is going out of fashion recently and I need to get a hold on it!
  • I always admire Rebeccas way of saying things as they are and her latest post ABORTION IS A HUMAN RIGHT/ TRUMP IS A C**T is no exception!
  • And finally to finish off this mega round up of the blogging world this week I need this outfit that Rachel posted! So chic and yet effortless!
Charlotte Lucy