Wednesday, 26 October 2016

SPOONIE: My Recovery Goals

Just when you think you are getting better and you start to wonder if you could go back to work sooner BANG the antibiotics hit you like a tonne of bricks. The nausea has been horrendous (but thankyou to all of you on twitter suggesting things I can eat ... dry toast and tea seems to be staying in at the moment) I have this weird metallic taste from the metronidazole and my belly is making these horrendous gurgly noises all day long.

Anyway, despite this, I have booked my first shift back at work on the 20th November which seems ages away but I wasnt cleared for work until the 17th and I get paid more for a sunday so it was a no brainer really. I need to start taking steps to get well, including calming my anxiety which has been sky high this week! So my goals ...

  1. Go out for a walk every day. So, this one wont be starting straight away as I am struggling with even walking downstairs because of the nausea. Once thats settled a bit however I will be getting out
  2. Eat proper meals. I have got a little bit lax with actually sitting and eating meals lately. When ive been house bound I feel like the whole day just blends into one big blur and before I know it its the afternoon and I havent eaten anything. 
  3. Drink more squash. I was going to say water but I dont like tap water so need a bit of squash in it to make it palatable
  4. Stretch! I really wanted to do more yoga, I wanted that to be more goal but I am not cleared for core work until 6 weeks post op so I have almost 3 more weeks for that so I am going to work on stretching out my other muscles instead!
  5. Take time away from the screen! I am spending way too much time in front of a screen at the moment. I am going to take some time to sit on my comfy sofa and either read or listen to the radio, maybe an hour a day just to get away from the screen!
Thankyou to everyone who has been supporting me through the last few weeks its not been easy but I have been grateful for your support. This op should have been easy but with my health not being 100% before its taking me a long while.

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Friday, 21 October 2016

SPOONIE: Its Official, 3 Weeks Of Antibiotics.

You know how I said yesterday that you just know your own body?

On top of the surgery recovery I have H Pylori. Its an infection of the stomach which can contribute to stomach ulcers. I have known for a while that my digestion has been off, and I have had this bacteria a couple of times before. It is meant to be eradicated with one course of antibiotics so I am a little peeved that it keeps on going and going. Im hoping that my GP refers me to a specialist this time.

If you saw this post last time I had antibiotics you will know that it really knocked me about and so I am glad that I am off work while I am on them! However I have set myself some recovery goals to incorparate looking after my physical and mental health which you will be seeing on Monday.

Hope you are all ok, and if you are going through something similar please let me know in the comments, it can feel awefully lonely up here at times ....

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Thursday, 20 October 2016

SPOONIE: An Update & A Little Rant

My surgery feels like it was a lifetime away when in reality it was just over two weeks ago. If I was in an office job I would be back at work by now, but alas the realities of working as a health care assistant in the NHS means that I am off work for a bit longer. Another month actually. I just feel like I want to be back working and really getting my life off to a new start. I have ideas of things I want to be doing and actually not being able to has got me feeling rather meh.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

FOODIE: Middletons Steakhouse and Grill Leicester

Located in the former Natwest bank in the popular foodie hotspot of St Martins in Leicester, Middletons is a welcome edition to the food scene. The bright interior lends itself to being perfect for any occasion, the booths looked perfect for a cosy date night while the other tables were perfect for a girls lunch date. After seeing on the Cool As Leicester instagram page that as an opening offer there would be 50% off the food bill as an opening offer if we booked a table for lunch, I got my girls Kirstie and Amy together and booked our table!  

Saturday, 15 October 2016

SPOONIE: I did too much.

So you have to get this into your head. Just because you are feeling better doesn't mean that your chronic illness has gone away.

As a lot of my time over the past two weeks has been dedicated to my surgical recovery, numerous doctors and pharmacy apointments, lots of bathing wounds, worrying about wounds, pain, bursting stitches and telling myself I cant lift that over and over again. It then turned into making sure my anxiety and IBS didnt flare up due to the surgery. Firstly the IBS was down to getting the right balance of laxatives to stop the codeine constipating me but at the same time not giving me D.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

EMPTIES: Part Two: Bath and Body

If you havent seen part one of this empties you can see it here. As I mentioned before empties are a marmite post in the blogging world but I love them. If someone has used the whole product they are in a much better position to judge it! So lets begin!