Saturday, 13 June 2015

EMPTIES: June 2015

So a few months ago I mentioned that I am a massive hoarder with my beauty products and I decided that I would work through my stash before buying anything new! I started by sorting through everything and grouping things together (I had 5 bottles of mouthwash ranging from nearly empty to nearly full. 

Anyway I was going to do this at the end of each month but as I forgot in May this will be my one for May/June then I'll be back again at the end of July! 

First up was this Tisserand sweet dreams bath oil which I got in a beauty box last month and I ABSOLUTELY loved this! If you don't know I suffer from fibromyalgia which is a chronic pain condition and one of the few things that helps is hot baths, so I take a LOT! This was lovely in the bath and only needed a little bit in a hot bath. It made me sleep well and feel really relaxed. At £10.95 a bottle for 100ml I don't think its something I would repurchase any time soon but if I fancied treating myself or I got it for a birthday present I would be a very happy girl! 

As mentioned above I love my baths and so one thing you will notice time and time again in these empties are bath products! I tend to have a few on the go at the same time so that I can have a bit of variety! I always love the radox bath products BUT here comes the thrifty lady in me ... I only ever buy them when they are on offer! £1 get in my basket, £2 leave me alone!! This one was very warming and almost spicy. I will definitely be repurchasing soon!

I bought this product on a bit of a whim, because you know I am a sucker for anything I see all over youtube or blogs. Guilty as charged. I was so disappointed though! It didn't give off much of a show in the bath, it had barely any scent and didn't make any bubbles! I would expect this from something I bought for about £1 but i found it overpriced and totally underwhelming. I won't be buying this again!

I will confess I have never actually bought a soap and glory product with my own money! I first discovered it when I was working at boots and I convinced my husband to buy me the big set for christmas. Then last christmas I got another! Anyway I love this shower gel in the signature soap and glory scent however I don't think I would spend £6.50 on a shower gel!

Ponche shower gel lush 

In the back of my bathroom cupboard I found many half empty shower gels, and this one is just summer in a bottle to me. Sadly it was limited edition and i hope they bring it back! It has fresh orange juice and tequila and just made me feel like I was bathing in a cocktail. If they bring it back i will be straight to lush to buy a new one! I would also buy the big size!!

Soap And Glory Glad Hair Day Conditioner 50ml

Now, I'm usually a big fan of everything soap and glory does but I found this really disappointing. I think I paid £2.50 for this little bottle and i just didn't think it did anything for my hair apart from make it smell nice. I think there are much nicer products on the market and so I won't be repurchasing.

Tousle me softly conditioner

I can't find this one on the boots website so I don't know if it has been discontinued. There was nothing wrong with the product itself but the packaging is awful! Its still about half full because I can not get the rest of the product out! I won't be repurchasing.

This was nearly empty so it didn't take much using up! I found it really strong and made my gums hurt and so I won't be repurchasing this!

Now this is where the thrifty person inside is screaming at me! In my defence I did buy it when it was half price (I know still £3 for a mouthwash is still extortion) BUT I LOVE IT!! I can't help myself. Its mild, its natural and my favourite mouthwash ever!! Will i repurchase? I already have!! If anyone has any recommendations for mild but cheaper mouthwash please let me know!! 

Anyway that is all from me! If you have any empties posts please link them below as they are my favourite posts to read!!

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  1. That tequila and orange shower gel sounds immense! Would have liked to try that. You've inspired me to shop my stash a bit more, I have so much I forget about xx
    Sarah |

    1. Glad I could!! I still haven't bought anything new ... I am still going through stuff!! Hopefully it will be back this christmas xx


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