Wednesday, 22 July 2015

LIFE: I don't know about you, but I'm feeling ... 25??

So today is my 25th birthday! 

I have been having a bit of a think about this birthday and for some reason it feels really significant to me! I think when I was a teenager I always wanted to get married and settled down in my twenties, and turning 20 when I was single made me realise that life doesn't always work out that way and I started to enjoy being single. So imagine my surprise when 3 months later I fell absolutely head over heels in love with Tom. I was engaged 4 months later, and married two years after that! I've had two surgeries, been in hospital many other times, been diagnosed with depression and fibromyalgia but I am leaving my early twenties fighting!

I have learnt who my real friends are. Before I left home I saw my friends most days either at college or rehearsals or work! I never really formed any close friendships at university for a number of reasons and so I did start to feel quite isolated when after uni my friends weren't around. However since getting my anxiety under control I have realised that my best friends are always there, and I am trying more than ever to make sure I see them whenever possible! I have also made quite a few new friends thanks to this blog and I am very grateful for that!

I have learnt that my weight is not correlated to my happiness. When I met Tom I was somewhere in between my smallest and biggest, and soon gained weight as a result of eating out together a lot and just generally enjoying life. I tried a few diets during this but none really lasted for long. Before I met Tom I was at my thinnest mainly thanks to the heart break diet but that didn't make me happy! I know this should be obvious but I am learning to love myself. Yes I am still doing slimming world because I want to be fit and healthy so that I can live a long and fulfilling life!

Anyway this post has been long and ramble enough but I will soon be putting together a 30 before 30 post of things I'd like to do before I'm 30!! 

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