Wednesday, 29 July 2015

EMPTIES: July 2015

Hello! Can you believe it is the end of July already? I can't! This month has gone so fast! As I mentioned a couple of months ago I have been trying to get through all my products I already own without buying new ones, however this month I got sent a few things and so I haven't really gone through many products! Also as my stash is so huge I seem to be using a number of different things at the same time and so I think one day I will just suddenly run out of all five hundred cleansers in the same week ...

Clockwise Left To Right

So on the left I have two imperial leather bath creams (which are currently on offer at Morrison's 3 for £3). I have mentioned before that I don't have a shower, only a bath and I love nothing more than a hot bath every night! I have here sea of tranquillity and field of dreams. Both make beautiful thick bubbles and I will DEFIANTLY be repurchasing while they are still on offer.

I then have the radox sleep easy which again I bought for £1. I never buy bath soaks full price as they are always on offer somewhere! This one is my favourite when I need to relax for bed as it has chamomile and jasmine which just sends me off to sleep! Another I would consider buying when on offer!! 

I then finished off this herbals shampoo I bought from aldi. Its kind of their range of herbal essences, and it wasn't bad! I can't really comment on whether it was any good for my hair because Ive been using a lot of more expensive conditioners so I think to truly give it a fair rating next time I will try aldis shampoo and conditioner. Would I repurchase? Yes I like to be thrifty!

Ive recently started using roll on deodorants because I feel, especially in the summer they create more of a barrier and keep you feeling fresher for longer! I bought this when it was on offer for about £1.75 BUT then I found them in poundworld!! So I am stocked up! I love the scents in the go fresh range and I will always repurchase! Until I find something new to have a go with but it would have to be amazing to replace this range!

The penultimate item on my empty list is the frizz ease miraculous recovery intensive masque which I bought a little while ago from superdrug when things were on three for two. I believe this (In conjunction with my last product!) has saved my hair throughout this month! Anyone with long hair will know that in the summer it gets hot and sweaty and FRIZZY. This has meant that I haven't had too many days when I have to scrape my hair back out of necessity! I would probably repurchase this but I don't know yet how I will have to change my hair care now its short!

Last but not least I have been using the vo5 hot oil intensive pre shampoo oil treatment. You get four in a pack for £4.29 and I have been using them once a week. They are really easy to use you just pop it in your bath to heat up and then put it into the roots of your hair for a minute. Rinse out and then shampoo and condition as normal and Voila! Shiny silky hair!

So that's all for this month! Let me know if you have any empties posts as I love them! You can see last months here. I'm not sure what next month will bring as I'm here there and everywhere so there may be a few travel empties!! But until then ...

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