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HAUL: June Charity Shop Finds

So if you know me, or follow me on social media it is no secret that I LOVE charity shopping. In fact if I posted on here every time that I bought something I think my whole blog would be one long list of things I've purchased in charity shops! So instead I thought I would do a monthly round up of what I've purchased, that way if you aren't interested you can easily just skip this post!

Since I have changed my working hours I do mostly 12-8 shifts at work and so that means that when I walk through town to work I conveniently have time to pop into a couple of my favourite charity shops. I used to buy a of things on a whim so after my self imposed spending ban last month I decided that I would only buy stuff that I have tried on and fits, is a reasonable price and I really will get wear out of it. 

The first dress on the left is originally from New Look but I bought it for £5 from age uk! I had seen it on one of my pre work browses but didn't have time to try it on so left it. I was very happy to find it was still there a week later! I have already worn it twice so definately a good purchase! The second and third dress are from the marie curie shop. The blue one is a Florence & Fred one. Its a really nice flowy cotton dress so perfect for the warmer weather and a steal at £4.50.

The next one along was definately under priced! Its a Henry Holland dress which tend to retail at around £28. So I was over the moon to get it for just £3! It's one of those dresses that you could get away with for smart casual but will look equally as nice with sandals and a big floppy hat in the summer. The last dress is a Miss Selfridge maxi dress which I bought for £5.49 from British Heart Foundation. I was looking for a maxi dress for a Handfasting Im going to and almost squealed when I tried it on and it was perfect!

We also took a trip to my parents house this month. My parents live in Dudley and nearby is Stourbridge which I kind of look at as the holy grail of charity shops! It has so many and one in particular that Tom loves is the Mary Stevens Hospice shop which has a huge book department upstairs! I only picked up these two books this time but I was really excited by them! The cupcakes and cocktails one is beautifully illustrated and has loads of recipes ... oh and was just £1. The digital photography one was £1.50 and I desperately need to learn how to take good photos as all my blog photos are currently taken on my ipod despite the fact I have quite a good camera that I just don't understand how to work!

We then popped into the scope shop in Stourbridge and the first thing that caught my eye was a beautiful leopard print jacket but unfortunately it was only a size 8! So I ended up picking up this grey coat at the top which is a topshop short jacket. Its going to be great for the kind of english summer when its too warm to wear a coat but too cold to go without anything! I think picked up these two jumpers as they had been reduced to £1.50 each! I thought I could put them away for winter because last year i struggled to find reasonably priced knitwear I liked! The cream knitwear on the right is a cape. It was also £1.50 and I thought it would be good for layering in the autumn/winter. 

So these few purchases were made on a day that I didn't set out intending to go to a charity shop I just popped in for a browse and ended up spotting a couple of things I couldn't resist! Firstly the sign at the top was only £1! Our house is filled with shabby chic bits and pieces and I love little signs like this. I also couldn't resist these Joules tea cups. I know joules is quite an expensive brand, so when I found this set for £3 I just scooped them up straight away. I invisage myself holding little tea parties ... even if its just for me and my husband! Then the book ... well who wouldn't want to be a bit more cheerful every day?

Near my husbands university there is a road called Queens Road which is filled with little independent cafes, health food shops and oh just a couple of charity shops! There are two book stores which is where I picked up the rosie project for £2. Its one that I have wanted to read for a while and so far I am enjoying it! Then I popped into the oxfam shop which I always seem to find gems in! This particular day I bought this gingerbread print skirt from ASOS for £1.99. Its a little small for me which I broke my rule of only buying what fits but it was just too gorgeous to resist!

The boots and the dress are another late shift enabled purchase. There is an Age Uk charity shop which has two entrances and is like a short cut through when I am walking to work. You see the problem here? I had seen the dress on the right on a previous visit but then when I saw it marked down to £2.25 it went straight into my bag! Its a zara basic autumn/winter dress so its going away for now! The boots are from dorothy perkins and I got them for £5. I need to find an alternative way to work until I have some spare money again!!


The last few purchases I made the day before payday. I love shopping just before payday because I know what money is left over and what I can spend!  The photo isn't the best quality and I apologise for this, next month I am going to try and take better photos of my purchases! Firstly I went into the Oxfam shop and bought slumdog millionaire for 79p! Its one of those films I've been meaning to get and can't wait to getting around to watching it! I also bought my nana a book about andrew lloyd webber to go with her christmas present!

I then went into British Heart Foundation and they were having a half price sale on some of there clothes! I tried on about 6 dresses but ended up settling on these two in the left for £2.75 each. One is a stripy grey and white maxi dress and the other is just a plain black bandeau dress from New Look. While I was at the till I saw the lady putting out the white skirt in the middle which is american apparel. Below is a close up of the print to show you why I couldn't resist! It was £3.49. 

I then went to my oxfam shop on Queens Road and bought this h&m leather skirt with a zip up the middle for £2.49! I also got the please take off your choos sign for £1 and this set of pasta bowls for £2. I then found these three books on buy one get 2 free. So all in all it was a very successful day!!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! Well done if you made it to the end ... let me know if you love charity shopping!! Also If you head over to you will find my second blog which is DEDICATED to looking good on a budget, including charity shop hauls!


  1. You are going to have to take me to your favourite shops....I need a black jacket and that to make a raggedy jacket for Morris dancing...I love those cups from joules, what a find xx

  2. Of course! I know all the shops in Leicester! Maybe when you are free we can go for lunch and a spot of jacket hunting! I went a little crazy this month but there are always bargains to be had 😂

  3. I love the printed American Apparel skirt and I am way jealous that you found those Joules teacups, I've been lusting after some for ages! You have really opened my eyes. There are lots of charity shops where I live but I'm kind of scared to go in and don't know why! Perhaps you can have a day out in my town and take me shopping? Could be a great feature - I will lose my charity shop virginity! Then tea after? X

    Sarah |


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