Sunday, 19 July 2015

FOODIE: Sunday Brunch At Bills

Everytime I had visited London I had thought about visiting bills but there was always somewhere else that would catch our eye (wahaca, leon etc) and so when bills opened up in Leicester we couldn't resist! I'll be honest with you here too ... these pictures were taken over two different trips. We took my parents and they loved it so much the next time they came to Leicester they requested we went back!


They serve breakfast until 12 during the week but until 1 on a weekend which makes it the perfect spot for brunch! We were having a browse of the money ... my moms really into it! I actually wanted everything. Be careful however, they are really pushy about bringing some water for the table and then it appears on your bill after!! I'd politely say no!

On the first visit I opted for the blueberry pancakes with bacon and a hot chocolate! The food was beautiful and something a bit different! I havent had fruity pancakes with bacon before and it was covered in chopped bananas, strawberries and maple syrup!
The second visit I went for the eggs benedict! It tasted delicious and the addition of pumpkin seeds was something I again hadnt treid before! There pink lemonade was beautiful too! 

All in all I will definately go back to bills but as its on the pricier side it will have to be a treat! 

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