Saturday, 11 July 2015

FASHION: What I Wore When I Felt Like I Was Going To Melt

So if you live in the UK you will know that we recently have had a heatwave. Now, anyone that knows me knows that I don't cope well with the heat. The first day of the heatwave I was melting. I wanted to take more clothes off but that would have been innapropriate!

So on day two I was going to be having a long day of TGI Fridays with my friends, charity shopping, a mindfulness lecture and dinner with my husband. So I needed something that would keep me cool all day!

I decided on this yellow dress which I got from a charity shop in Blackpool last year for £1. I paired it with my favourite new look sandals which I bought 3 years ago but pull out every year when the sun comes out!

Excuse the face here! I also decided to throw on this little kimono thing that I also got from New Look in case it got a bit chilly!!

What are your throw on outfits when its too hot?

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