Saturday, 29 August 2015

August Empties

I know that I am going to sound like such a blogger cliche here, but HOW is it the end of August already? I mean it feels like it was 5 minutes ago that I was talking about all the things I had planned for the month and now they are all over and I am entering September full of fresh blogging mojo and a tote bag full of memories ... my God I am cheesy today!!

My empties box is a little sparse this month, I have been using lots of products but I haven't fallen in love with anything enough to be using it everyday. That said, I do have a few little bits for you! 

Firstly, imperial leather love story. It wouldn't be any empties post without at least one bath product! I am still using up the stash of these that I bought when they were 3 for £3 in Morrison's - and I may have bought some other bits! Love story is more of an autumn/winter scent but I really liked its rich creamy bubbles it produced! 

Secondly, dove deodorant! I have started buying this when I see it in pound shops or on offer. I really am truly cheap and tight. I don't see the need to buy it for more than a pound when I know I can get it cheaper! This scent was nice but not my favourite, so I probably would only repurchase it if it was the only one I could find!

Thirdly, batiste dry shampoo in cherry. This is my favourite of the batiste range but recently I have found there are a lot of dry shampoos on the market, and i prefer most of them to batiste! So no I probably wont repurchase this.

Last, I finished up this original source vanilla and raspberry shower gel. It honestly made me feel like I was bathing in ice cream. Its very creamy and summery and I will definately repurchase it next summer!!

So thats it for August! Let me know if you have any empties posts, I would love to read them!


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