Friday, 7 August 2015

Cats, Cakes and Coffee Launch Night!

On Friday 31st July I was lucky enough to be invited to the VIP launch night of Leicesters first and only cat cafe: Cats, Cakes and Coffee. Located on a beautiful street in Stoneygate and surrounded by beautiful one of kind gift shops and antique shops I knew this quirky cafe was well placed! I have never been to Stoneygate before and I was a bit apprehensive but with a little help from google maps, a short bus ride from the city centre and I was there! 


When I arrived at the cafe I was greeted by Lisa, the lovely owner (and self confessed crazy cat lady) and immediately felt right at home. The cafe is set up like a living room and full of toys for the cats to play with. I sat down next to star fire who along with her sister raven are the oldest cats that live here at 10 years old! It was very therapeutic to sit down straight away and be able to stroke this beautiful lady!

Then came the mocktails which were amazing! Over the night I tried the piƱa colada and the lime cola, both of which tasted divine! As you may or may not know I dot really drink and so these were perfect for me! I sat and chatted for ages about cats (well what else do you talk about when you are surrounded by ten beautiful boys and girls) and thanks to a bit of help from Carisse and Aiden I left knowing the names of all the cats! 

Now I do apologise if I get this wrong but living at the cafe are Raven and Starfire the oldest of the lot. Then there is tinker bell and her son felix. There is also Marley who when I met I assumed was a kitten but later found out she's the mother to clementine, Kenny, Ollie AND Eric. Last but not least is Willow, a beautiful black cat, who reminded me of my Nancy, very shy and liked to watch from a distance! 

We were also offered an array of sandwiches and cakes, which surprisingly most of the cats didn't seem fussed by! However Carisse was always on hand to shoo the cats away if they got too close! For those of you that are worried don't be, no food is prepared on the premises so you won't find a cat hair in your sandwich! Unlike if you come to my house ...

Kenny the little beauty above stayed with me for most of the night and by the end I think we were firm friends! In fact I think Lisa may have been worried I was going to try and steal him! 

It was clear to see from start to finish how loved and happy all the cats were and it also made everyone there relaxed as stroking cats is so therapeutic! I would definitely recommend a visit for cat lovers! 

Anyway if you would like to visit you can find all of the details over on Cats, Cakes and Coffee and I would fully recommend trying it out! 

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