Monday, 31 August 2015

Goodbye August

So August, where did you go??

I can't believe it is nearly September, but I am so ready for autumn! It is my favourite season of all!! I cant wait to wear layers, drink lots of hot drinks, walk around in the crisp weather ...

So what did I do in August??

I went to two amazing blogger events! You can read about the NottsBloggerMeet here and the Think Money Summer BBQ here

I tried out a new restaurant AND a new dessert parlour. You can read about Thai Arts here and Sweet treats here

I also dabbled in a bit of fashion blogging. Im never going to be a fashion blogger but I think I am going to try and do more posts like this one styling my charity shop purchases (as there are a lot of them!)

I went to v festival for the first time and that was a massive win for me and a total loss for my anxiety!!

So what's in store for September?

Well theres ...

  • Ladies Night with the work girls
  • Bloggers Lunch
  • Bloggers Festival
  • Grandads 94th Birthday
  • WestMidlandsBloggerMeet
  • Spa Day 
All sandwiched in between a lot of grafting and some overtime I think September should be a fab month!!


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    1. Thankyou :)

      I am going to try and make it a more regular thing indeed! Watch this space ...


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