Monday, 17 August 2015

Lush Haul

So it is no secret that I LOVE Lush. Although I have always stuck to what I know and the bath bombs that I have always used. So when I was invited to Lush as part of the notts blogger meet I thought I would use the opportunity to try out some new products. I was also supposed to be going to the Leicester sneak peak event but due to tonsilitis I couldn't go but anyway here goes what I bought:

 The first thing that caught my eye were these toothy tabs, which I originally thought were breath mints! However one of the lovely staff told me that they are actually a more eco friendly alternative to toothpaste! I haven't got round to trying them but they are basically little round tabs that you chew and then wet your toothbrush and use them to brush! The best part? They come in SEVEN different varieties!! I wanted to go for something a little different to the normal mint and so I chose Aquatic. This has the flavours of jasmine and Earl Grey! I will let you know when I have tried it what I thought!

The next product I have is the creamy candy bubble bar. If I remember right back when I was about 12 this was the very first product I bought from Lush! It has the same scent as snow fairy ... oh and did I mention I made this myself? One of the best things about this is that I made it!!

This beauty is called karma. Its not a new product but it has been reformulted. If I remmeber right it used to be a smaller round, orange bubble bar and I was immediately sold on its bright purple colour. It has an orange and patchouli fragrance and also refreshing orange and lemongrass oils.  With Lavandin to relax you and pine oil I am looking forward to popping this in my bath!

After hearing that I loved Earl Grey one of the staff (Im sorry it has taken me a LONG time to get this written and I can't remember your name) pointed me in the direction of this massage bar! It melts like butter in your hands and I may have already made my hubby give me a couple of shoulder rubs using this!!

This here is the You've been mango'ed bath melt. Again another kind of luxury bathing product that I have never tried before. It is full of avocado, cocoa and mango butters and I can't wait to try it out! I love nothing more than soft skin, and I am reserving this for a day when I can spend a LONG time in the bath!!

This one I bought to help me sleep!! I sometimes have trouble sleeping, its usually a mixture of stress, medication and this heat, but I love a good bath and especially one with some sort of Lavender! This bubble bar contains this and also rosemary and extra virgin coconut oils. 

 A simple bubbleroon also made it into my basket although now I think they have changed the formula of these. Its a very citrus-y scent and I may have already used half of this. I do really like the new look of these and they are a very sparkly colour!

And last but not least something I have been dying to try! A shampoo bar! This was kindly given to us by Lush and we got the choice of three different bars. I decided to go for the soak and float, as it smells smokey and strangely reminds me of campfires and brownie camp from when I was younger!

What have you guys been buying from Lush lately?

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