Sunday, 9 August 2015


Starting off august right, on the 1st August I was invited along to the nottingham blogger meet organised by the beautiful Becka. I wasn't totally sure where I was going so after getting my coach from Leicester I arranged to meet some of the other girls at the train station! I am always attached to my ipad on coach journeys!! You never know what the weather is going to do and so I decided to wear my Henry Holland dress that I bought for £3 from a charity shop (I may have told everyone about this!) along with my trusty city bag and boots from Zara that I wear all the time!

As I said I went on the coach and I just wanted to mention how cheap coach travel is! One thing I was worried about when I started getting invited to blogger events that I would end up spending all my savings or not being able to go and so I spent £10 on a coachcard which gives me a third of coach travel across the UK and this has already totally paid for itself! This isn't sponsered I just really love coach travel! Actually, thats a lie I really love saving money! 

As I was there an hour early I decided to grab myself a starbucks and sat twittering for a while before I met the rest of the girls at the station! I think the highlight of our conversation was either "I've got coffee all down my boobs" or "I'm the one with the green bag" I found it a lot easier to find people this time!! So with everyone gathered we headed off to Lush!!

I wish I had taken a picture of Becka stood outside Lush with her HUGE sign that said Notts Blogger Meet in big letters so we couldnt miss her!! Lush in Nottingham is much bigger than the one in Leicester and there were so so many products!! The first thing we got to do was help make the creamy candy bubble bar! I was so impressed with the ingredients going in, as as silly as it sounds hearing that its all natural ingredients is so different from actually seeing what goes in! We all had a go at mixing and then we got to make our own! Which I can't wait to use in my bath!

We then had a demonstration of a few of the products that had been reformulated, mostly bubble bars and this gave me fuel for my shopping! I was like a kid in a candy shop! My basket was soon full (and my bank account a little emptier) but I am so happy with the products I picked up as they were all things I hadn't tried before! I will be doing a haul next week!

We were then shown some of the shampoo bars, which I have been dying to try for ages but had decided to use up all my shampoo first, and then given the opportunity to pick one! I chose the soak and float one, which strangely smells like smoky bonfires but I absolutely fell in love with the smell!

After we had finished in lush we had an hour to spare and so the girls introduced me to kiko! I bought some bits but I will let you know what I bought when I have tried it properly ... and then it was off for lunch!!

We got to Jamies a little early so we sat outside resting and chatting for a while. I was so excited having never been to Jamies Italian before! When we went inside we were lead to this beautiful little room just for us and on our table were these amazing goodie bags filled to the brim! Again I am going to do a whole blog post about what was inside but I will just say it was FULL.

We then did a raffle to make money for a local hospice, and there were some fantastic prizes! I will also show you my prize in another post as I fear this one is getting long!!

AND SO the food! I had originally ordered main and pudding but after seeing other peoples menus choices on twitter I changed my mind. I am fickle like that you see, I never want to have menu envy ... but everyones food looked so good!! I started with the crab and avocado bruscetta because, well, I am obsessed with anything avocado related! I also had a mocktail, becaue I don't drink but more about that another time too!! For my main I had spinach and ricotta pancakes and then I didnt have desssert (but broke into my cupcake on the way home!)

We did a little more shopping after that but our arms were nearly dropping off and so we called it a day and said our goodbyes!!

I TOTALLY fell in love with both Nottingham as a city and the bloggers I met there and I cant wait to see them again! Thankyou so much to Becka for organising this fabulous event!!


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I wish I'd found out about this. That dress is lovely, I literally never find anything in charity shops. You're going to have to take me charity shop shopping when we fiiiinally meet!

    Kirstie | Kimamely Beauty

    1. It was fantastic!! Next time I make sure I tell you about it personally!! I have to admit this dress was an absolute steal and I couldnt believe my eyes! I thought oh I like that print its similar to Henry Holland ... and squealed when i realised it was!! The thing with charity shopping is you have to look at EVERYTHING. Tbh half the time when I go I am totally unsuccessful but when I find gems like this it is all worth it!


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