Monday, 3 August 2015

Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Tag


Thankyou to Fiona over at wishes, hopes and dreams for tagging me in the sisterhood of the world bloggers tag! As I have said before I really enjoy these tags because I enjoy interecting with other bloggers and finding out what other people like. 

What would be your ideal method of transport? 
I would love to cycle everywhere! I would have a little bike with a basket on the front! The only thing is, I would have to move somewhere that had lots of bike lanes and parks and things!

Favourite animal - but not cat or dog? 
Lemurs! I love them and I always get excited when I go to Zoos because most of them have a Lemur walkthrough! One of my dreams is to do a zookeeper experience with the Lemurs!
The last book you read and did you enjoy it? 
Running Like a Girl by Alexandra Heminsley. I actually read it on my kindle and I really enjoyed it. It has inspired me to have a go at running when I am bit more well! Its the way she talks about the negetives! She doesn't go on about running like it's this easy amazing thing, she gets right into the nitty gritty of the bad days!
The one item in your handbag you couldn't live without that isn't your purse or phone? 
My bus pass!! I don't drive and it's given me a sense of freedom! With my anxiety I used to be scared of going anywhere on my own but now I regularly visit little villages on my day off just to have a look around!
First childhood memory?
I remember at my primary school there was a big tarmac slope down to the playground and aged around 4 and on the day of my first school photos me and my friend Emily decided it would be a good idea to run down it! She fell over, I went over the top of her and had my first photos taken with a huge graze all down the side of my face!!
First album or single you ever bought? 
I think it was Spice Girls ....
Favourite restaurant and why?
I like a lot of restaurants so I found this one really difficult! I think I would have to go with Las Iguanas. Its not somewhere I could afford to go all the time but there Lunch menu is really reasonably priced, the food is always delicious! Oh and sweet potato fries? My favourite food of all time.
Favourite city to visit or one you'd love to but haven't yet? 
It has got to be London! I don't think I could keep up with the lifestyle and the pace of living there but I love visiting! There is so much to do, so much to see ... so much to eat!!
Favourite item of clothing? 
I'm going to have to say my wedding dress! I felt like an absolute princess and now and again I put it back on just to make me happy!
Favourite TV show to binge?
Americas Next Top Model! Although I haven't done this in a while ...

My Questions

What are your favourite videos to watch on youtube?
What is your favourite food?
Tell me a random fact about yourself.
Who was the last person to text you and what did they say?
Tell me something you want to do but scares you.
Are you any good at pub quizzes?
What is your favourite childhood book?
Do you love or hate marmite?
Summer or Winter?
Do you like charity shopping?
I tag:

 Ellie Bee  
Can't wait to see your posts girls!! 

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