Friday, 21 August 2015

Social Media things that I HATE

I hope no one gets offended by this, its just personally things that I really dont like!

1. FIRST COMMENT I hate when people comment on posts saying this. I think why is this even relevant in life and also generally six or seven people comment it and so it looks really stupid.

2. GOALS You know when people see a picture of a couple holiding hands and post relationship goals? It really bugs me because I just think there is this culture of looking up to people on the internet and kind of trivalising everything. No picture can show you really anything about a persons life and its so easy to make things look perfect on the internet.

3. BAE I mean, what even is this word and where did it come from (and when will it go away?) I have just googled it and although it's used as people on the internet to mean baby, according to urban dictionary, its actually a danish word for poop. Sums it up really.

4. On Fleek I don't totally mind on point. But on fleek just seems to have really been the phrase of choice recently and I just don't like the way it sounds. Its one of those made up words that all the cool kids use ... and well ... I guess I'm not cool enough. 

5. FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW I have no problem with people leaving there blog links on my blog, I really enjoy checking out blogs. But when people comment just saying follow for follow I get rather defensive. If you follow me I want you to do it because you like my blog ok? And if I like your blog I will follow it back.  

6. Drugstore Were British. We have chemists, supermarkets,  department stores ... we do not have drug stores!

Are there any other things that bug you?

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