Sunday, 30 August 2015

Starlight blogger Award

I was tagged in this post by the lovely Jane over at Pocahontas Jane, who said some lovely things about me and my blog and I was quite honestly overwhelmed! I always see my blog as my own little thing that I write for me as therapy almost and so when someone else says nice things about it I am always so happy!

The STARLIGHT Blogger Award was created by Carolina (www.yesterdayafter.comwith the intention to show appreciation to fellow bloggers and their spectacular blogs. 

YesterdayAfter’s Rules

Thank the person who nominated you.
Include the logo of the award.
Answer the 3 questions you have been given.
Nominate 6+ bloggers deserving of this award.
Ask your nominees 3 questions.

Here are my questions:

Who/what is your inspiration in life and why?

Allow me to be soppy for a minute here? I would have to say my husband Tom. We have been together nearly 5 years now and in that time I have grown so much as a person and it is all hanks to him. We have been through some really tough things in our early twenties but the fact that we have done it together has meant that our relationship has remIned really strong. He is also studying for a PhD and everything he does he gives his all and I am so proud of him we have a little in joke in which we refer to ourselves as Team G, but that's really what we are in life. I couldn't do half the stuff I do without his support, guidance ... Oh and his taxi services! I couldn't think of anyone else who is more of an inspiration to me. 

What is something you have always wanted to achieve and how do you plan on achieving it? 

I have always wanted to be a mom. That is the one big goal I have in my life! I am not career orientated in the slightest and so I intend to get fit and healthy (read more about this on my second blog) and buy a house, and then have a family. Writing that here makes it sound so much easier than it actually is!!

What is your party trick?

I don't think I necessarily have a party trick! Unless it's a karaoke, and then I have a few songs I'm pretty good at but apart from that I'm pretty vanilla!

Thankyou to Jane for the nomination. Now I tag:

Kirsty is possibly my best blogger buddy and I speak to her most days. It is because of her that I have had the opportunity to get involved in most of the blogging events I have been invited to later this year. On top of that shes a lovely person with a fabulous blog!

I started reading Hannahs blog as we both seemed to have similar experiences with Depression. I love ready her blog as she is full of positivity and I think without knowing it she has helped me to really come out of my shell and stick with blogging.  

I had the opportunity to meet Ellie after she encouraged me to joing the Clendestine Cake Club (despite the fact I had never baked in my life) and she runs a lovely blog full of food I want to attempt to make sometime!!  

Another blog filled with things that I totally want to make!! I havent met Hannah yet but I know shes a lovely lady from some of the messages she has sent me!  

I met Kara at the NottsBloggerMeet and I love her blog. She takes such beautiful pictures and is such a genuinely lovely person!!

And the questions:

1. If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

2. What is your favourite film and why?

3. What are your biggest blog goals?

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