Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Top to Toe in Charity Shop

So, at the think money event I went to (if you haven't seen it you can read it here) I got talking to some other bloggers who love charity shops and the thrift lifestyle and it really made me think about what I really enjoy blogging about! I have always had a passion for charity shopping and even more so recently and so I am going to try and put together more outfit posts where I am top to toe in charity shop!

So above! The playsuit I originally bought to wear to V Festival but then my friend pointed out that going to the loo would be a nightmare!! Its originally from New Look but I bought it for £3 in the PDSA shop! The denim vest is originally from Gap and I bought it for £4.75 in the British Heart Foundation shop and the boots were 10 euros from Oxfam in Ulm Germany (I can always locate a charity shop!!)

I hope you like this post, and next time I promise to get more pictures and close ups of the prints etc!!


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