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 The pool on honeymoon in Marrakech

I was nominated to do this post by Sam from cocobutterblug so here goes!

What's the best place you have ever been to?

This is actually a tough one. The most beautiful hotel I have stayed in was in Marrakech. We went there for our honeymoon and it was just perfect for relaxing and unwinding after the chaos of the wedding. However last year we went to Salou in Spain and that was definitely my most perfect holiday as we crammed so much in, so many excursions and had such a fantastic time! 

Do you prefer going abroad or a staycation?

As much as I love a staycation if I had to choose between the two I would definitely be going abroad! Not somewhere too hot or far away but I just absolutely love being able to lie be a pool or just go exploring cities in a foreign country. 

What are your fashion holiday essentials? 

Always loose fitting dresses and a good comfy pair of sandals.

 Downhill Biking in salou

Who's your favourite person to go travelling with?

Tom my husband! I hate being apart from him anyway and he's my best friend which is always the recipe for a lovely holiday!

What's your favourite holiday memory?

We went to Majorca about 6 months after we had met (and we were already engaged) and I remember sitting on this bench and looking out across the lake and having this conversation about everything. We must have sat there for hours talking about weddings, babies, goals ... It was just perfect.

If you could only go on holiday one place for the rest of your life where would it be?

I was going to say that I would go somewhere new but then I worry what if I didn't like it? So I think I would pick Salou. I know the area, you are guarenteed good weather and Its my happy place.

My Brother and I on holiday in Devon about 17 years ago!!

Is there anywhere you'd avoid going?

I think at the moment I would avoid going anywhere that isn't europe or america. Im not really a travelller and I have huge fears about not feeling safe when I am abroad. I know things could happen anywhere and its irrational but hey thats just me.

Where was your first holiday?

Majorca! My parents took me when I was two! I was very lucky growing up that we were able to go abroad every year, my parents werent rich by any means but they both worked hard as it was important to them to take a holiday every year! 

Do you prefer relaxing or doing things on holiday?

It has to be a mixture of both. Im not a fan of the sun and so a beach holiday just lying in it would kill me. I do like a bit of a chill around the pool but I also like getting out and doing things!

 Our first holiday together in Majorca
 What are your beach bag essentials?

A good book, some big sunnies and a HUGE bottle of water!!

Where are you travelling to next?

We are actually off to Fuerteventura in november and I cant wait!!

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And Your Questions ...

1. Where did you go on your last holiday?
2. How hot do you like your holidays?
3. What is your favourite city you have visited?
4. What are your in flight essentials?
5. Where would be your dream honeymoon destination?
6. Is there any particular food or drink that makes you think of holidays?
7. What are your favourite things to purchase at the airport?
8. What is your preferred mode of transport for holidays?
9. Do you manage to stick to the baggage allowance?
10. What does your holiday wardrobe consist of?
11. Where would you go for a staycation?   

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