Tuesday, 8 September 2015

#BloggersLunch and #BloggersFestival

So just over a week ago I found myself with an invite to the Bloggers Festival organised by Scarlett London. Admittedly I had seen a bit of hype surrounding it before then but I had thought it was expensive! Imagine my surprise when I found that actually it was free AND due to people dropping out I was able to get myself a spot! 

If that wasn't exciting enough my friend Tania of whentaniatalks told me about the bloggers lunch beforehand hosted by jasmine and Kirsty from Soeursdeluxe . So that was that, my coach got booked and I started counting down the days!! My journey was pretty smooth until an anxiety attack inducing incident with an ass of a coach driver, but I managed to meet up with some of the other girls and together we made our way to Pizza Express (via Zara and Topshop naturally ...)

We all just started talking straight away! We had been talking on a Twitter DM and it all felt so natural. I had the garlic bread with mozzerella followed by the bosco salad which was perfect! I am obsessed with avocado and this tasted amazing! Then we all headed over to the venue together!!

Now, this is the part where I would like to show you all the amazing and well edited photos I took of each brand while telling you all about them. However what you are actually getting is these few grainy photos because I was COMPLETELY overwhelmed. I had never been to anything like this before, and actually speaking the brands got me very thoughtful in thinking about the direction of my blog (See This Post)

I do want to say thankyou to everyone I had the pleasure of meeting!! I honestly had an amazing time and also met some wonderful new friends.


  1. Such a great day and it was great to meet you Sarah x


    1. It was a lovely day and I loved meeting everyone!!

  2. Aw, thanks for the mention, we hope you can come to our next event (when we organise it!). Was lovely meeting you also! xx


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