Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Christmas is coming!

After reading Chelsea's post about Christmas (you can read it here) I started to get really excited about Christmas. Now I know that most people are going to say it is way too early, don't worry I'm not about to put up my tree and start singing Christmas carols to you, but for me Christmas isn't one day or even just one month, it's the feeling I get throughout all of the -ber months! 

It's the celebration that ends my favourite part of the year. 

It's the feeling I get when I think about the fact that this year I don't have to work on Christmas Day and I get to spend it with my family. 

It's the thought of pulling out all my autumn and winter clothes, ready to get wrapped up warm!

It's the excitement I get when I think of all the festive drinks that will be available in my favourite coffee shops.

It's the thought of spending a cosy weekend in a cottage with some of my blogger friends. 

It's the thought of all the products I will be enticed to buy from lush!

You may think it's too early to be thinking about Christmas but the feeling I get when I think about it is too exciting not to talk about so thankyou Chelsea for giving me the thought all over again!!

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  1. Just spreading the Christmas spirit early this year, i'm too excited :)

    Chelsea xx


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