Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Review: Mi Ti

Back at the Nottingham blogger meet at the beginning of August one of the things that was kindly gifted to us were the Mi Ti hair ties. Now, for a while a lot of people I work with had been bringing this kind of ties over from the phillipines and raving about how good they are and I was more than excited to give them a try! I had tried a simular thing from primark and was very disappointed, so was looking forward to trying out another brand!

I thought in order to properly review them I would have to try them out over a few weeks, and in a few different scenarios! Also, anyone else get nostalgia looking at them? They remind me of sitting at my parents house twiddling the phone cord around my fingers! 

Test one: 8 hour shift on a medical ward

As I may have mentioned on my blog before I work on an elderly medical ward, and so I am running around all day long. Now my hair is short I don't have to tie it up if I don't want to, but this day in question it was hot and so I decided that I would tie my hair up. The first thing I noticed was that I managed to get my hair into quite a tight ponytail. I wasn't keen on the green colour (you know red and green should never be seen and all that) but that wasn't a deal breaker! However, my hair didn't slip out, I didn't have to re do it and I didn't get a headache all day so it wasn't too tight. Test one: passed! 

Test two: Wearing around my wrist all day ... just in case

So usually I will leave a hair bobble around my wrist just in case I end up needing it. I did this for a whole day and it didn't leave a mark on my wrist or hurt at all. Test two: passed!

Test Three: Sleeping in.

It's not such a problem now that my hair is shorter but when it was long and it was hot I used to like to sleep with it up. I managed to go for a whole night without it slipping out and it didn't dig in!. Test three: passed!

All in all I was very impressed by the Mi Ti hair bands, they could be stretched and still go back to their original shape and size! This is my biggest bugbear with others I have tried, that they seem to be a one use thing!  

You can buy them here from LookFantastic for £4.95 for three and in a range of colours! I will definitely be purchasing the clear ones as I think they will look better in my hair. I think they are a superb price for the quality!!

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  1. See i love these as you can tell from my review but i reckon i'd need the clear ones to wear them. Not keen on the green colour, i love your tests though such a good idea :)

    Chelsea xx


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