Friday, 4 September 2015

Friday Favourites: One.

So last week I said that every friday I was going to share with you some of my favourite posts from the week and here is my first installment!

1. The £1 Red Lip by Gemma

I have been reading gemsmaquillage for a few years now, mostly for the home decor posts if I am honest but this post really stood out to me!! I am a bit of a make-up failure but have really wanted to experiment with red lips and this really spoke out to my thrifty ways!!

2. 11 Pinterest worthy quotes to live your life by by Amanda 


This post from Amanda really made me smile. The whole post is full of quotes that you just need to hear, and I think I am going to print the one above off!

3. Life Lessons Cristina Yang Taught Us by Sophie 


This post is just perfection. I am a HUGE Greys Anatomy fan (It comes second to only Bad Girls which will always be top of my list!) And I know that I want to keep this post available to myself to look at all the time!!

4. Kawaii Box By Adele

 I actually could have written a whole blog post about Adele's posts this week but I chose this one because it was Super cute and now I want a Kawaii Box!!

SO that's my four blogs for this week ... who should I be checking out for next week??


  1. Ah love the idea of sharing your favourite posts :) Like pinterest worthy quote :)

    Hannah x
    Paloma in Disguise

  2. Thankyou!

    I just think there isn't enough love in the community at the moment!


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