Thursday, 17 September 2015

Korean Presents

I don't think I have mentioned on here before but one of my best friends Vicky currently lives in South Korea. She is teaching out there and she seems to be having a fab time ... but she needs to come home because I miss her!! Anyway the other week she did come home for a couple of weeks and although she is a busy bee she managed to squeeze in a visit to us and we had pizza and she bought us presents!! I was so impressed!! She almost made me cry!

Firstly these amazing socks!! I have always been looking at the character socks in Primark and similar shops, but these are seriously cool! The superman ones were actually bought for Tom, but thanks to his big feet I got them! I love them. My favourite are the Snow White ones and I think I will be wearing them all the time ... although at the time of posting this I haven't yet as they are too beautiful to take out!!

Secondly, She got me some Korean beauty products! Firstly, this product at the bottom caused me great confusion! It says tomato whitening kit and all I could think was why would I want to whiten tomatoes??? However Vicky soon explained to me that it is actually a SKIN BRIGHTENING cream and so I am looking forward to given it a try. This little fellow on the left looks like a salt and pepper shaker but its actually a hand cream. Then she also bought me these face masks! I think from the instructions on the back they are like sheet masks but they are kelp, rice and green tea.

She then bought me this beautiful notebook (So beautiful in fact that I am not sure I will be able to write in it because I dont want to ruin it!!

She also bought us some Korean food! Now before she has sent us this weird sweetcorn thing to try, so I was a bit apprehensive to try things!! Down in the right hand corner are callend monaka, a sort of wafer with a jam like filling. However, the fillings were green tea and red bean paste. I liked the green tea one, not so keen on the red one!!

The top is the most interesting, the choco pie. Vicky tells me these are such an exciting thing in Korea. They still have miltary service and get them in their army rations and activists send them to the North in mini helium balloons!! They were delicious, a bit like a wagon wheel!!

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  1. What a nice idea! I love the socks and the notepad is so pretty!

    Sarah xx


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