Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Mini Stationery Haul!

Judging by all the other blog posts I have seen showing what everyone has been buying this month September is officially the month for buying stationary. I think it stems from the fact that as a child and teenager september was the time that you could buy your new pencil case and pens for the new school year. I also used to love the first day of term when I got my homework diary and I could set and colour co-ordinate this years timetable. Anyone else do that? 

Unfortunately my husband doesn't share this same enthusiasm. As he pointed out to me when I came out of smiggle, new pencil case and scented gel pens in hand "Charlotte, you are 25 and you don't go to school." Point taken, and I can't even use the excuse that I have a desk or need stationary for my job ... I need one pen to write on peoples charts and it must be black. However, I justify that now I am a blogger I need to get myself organised!! I have an answer for everything!!

So, above is the little collection of notebooks I have bought this month. The one on the left was from homesense, which if you havent been is part of TK Maxx but sells just home stuff. I fell in love with it straight away, as it says, "I don't need luck I have awesome on my side." I bought it after a particularly nasty arguement with someone who really personally attacked me, and it made me feel better. The one at the back I bought from tesco during a boring food shop as it was £1 and reminded me of The fault in our stars.

The next one, from paperchase is glittery and it has cats on it. Do I need anymore justification? However I am going to use it to log all my charity shop purchases. One of my goals is to do more outfit posts and I need to keep track of what i bought, where and how much for. Lastly on the left is my planner that I bought from Personal Planner. I saw it last year on Miss Budget Beauty and I have been lusting after it ever since and finally bit the bullet and treated myself! The best thing is you can choose a start month so I chose September so I can use it straight away!! I may do a blog post all about it so watch this space!

I thought personally I was really really good in Smiggle to only come away with four things! From talking to other bloggers I have realised that smiggle isnt as well known as I am assumed. There shops are a dream! All brightly coloured and full of everything that would have, back in the day, made you the coolest kid in your class! The first thing I got was this cherry juice pencil case! I originally went in for the milk shake one, but this caught my eye! I love anything cherry related and my only wish is that it smelt like cherry too! THAT would be cool. I wanted this to fit my sharpie collection in! I bought these from Tesco for £7 reduced from £30!! It was too good of a bargain not to get, but unfortunately I think the promotion has finished now!

So there I was, pencil case in hand ready to leave when I spotted near the till that a lot of the gel pens were on special offer (I think it was half price, I can't remember, bad blogger award) So I ended up with pastel scented ones, sparkly scented ones AND some coloured ballpoint pens!

I think this may be the longest post I have ever written ... Which shows how passionate I must be about stationary!! So If you have made it to the end well done! Have you picked up any stationary bargains lately? Let me know below!!

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