Tuesday, 29 September 2015

September Empties

So, here we are again!! I didn't know if I was going to be able to even publish an empties this month as I haven't really been getting through products. I have been overwhelmed by all the products Ive accquired to try from the various events Ive been too ( There was the NottsBloggerMeet, BloggersFestival and WestMidlandsBloggerMeet) So because of this I have been trying all of these different things and not really being faithful to any! During October I am going to try and test out products and finish them up!

Still getting through my Imperial Leather which at last check was still on the 3 for £3 offer! I will always repurchase this or radox, whatever is on offer really as my nightly hot bath is one of the things that helps keep my fibro pains under control and the more bubbles the better!!

I'm not sure totally how I came about this, possibly from a gift bag who knows. I won't be repurchasing it. It was pretty rubbish. No scent and barely any bubbles.

I love the scent of this one!! Last month I ran out of the roll on one and I have now run out this. I think in future I will stick to roll on deoderant as I just feel they work nicer and feel nicer on the skin!

Lastly, I ran out of another bottle of batiste! Since I have tried other dry shampoo I have found that they are much better than batiste ... but I have a lot of this to use up!! So no I won't repurchase but I willl keep going until it is all used up!!

What have you finished up this month?

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