Friday, 11 September 2015

The Love/Hate Tag

I am back with another tag for you today! I was tagged by the lovely Izzy over at Daisy chains in the rain to do the Love/Hate tag. The principle is really simple ... 10 things you love and 10 things you hate.

1. I Love snuggling. Call my lazy but there is nothing that I love more than snuggling up with my Hubby under a blanket while watching the tv and drinking a hot drink!

2. I Hate wasps. I just do not see why they have to exist. They just fly around, stinging and buzzing and they are evil.

3. I Love watching films Whether it be at the cinema or snuggled up on the sofa, I will watch anything! There are a few films I watch over and over again at home too ..

4. I Hate people who look down on others and belittle them. I used to get a lot of this when I worked at mcdonalds in my gap year.

5. I Love food! Like I seriously love it, and I have really started to love cooking to! Which should hopefully help me with reducing my weight ...

6. I Hate sprouts. They are one of the few foods that I will point blank refuse to eat. No I dont want to try it one more time, I will still hate it.

7.I Love autumn!! Its my favourite season of all. Its cooler, it has all my favourite celebrations ... Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas!!

8. I Hate being on the motorway in torrential rain. In fact I dislike being in cars at the best of times.

9.I Love my family. I have a small but close knit family consisting of my hubby, my parents and brother, my grandad and my hubbys nana. I do have a larger more extended family but this little group tend to keep me going. I count my three cats as part of this family too.

10. I Hate people who abuse those who are unable to stand up for themselves. I think this world can be a really nasty place.

11.I Love autumn and winter. I am not good with the heat and autumn is my favourite. I love bonfires, hot drinks, cosy jumpers, halloween, christmas, snow ... the list is endless!

12. I Hate the fact that euthenasia is illegal in this country. We will put an animal down to end its suffering but yet we have to watch our relatives suffer for weeks and months and then watch them die with no dignity (sorry got a bit deep there)

13.I Love having pj days. They dont happen very often when I have nothing to do, but when they do they are my favourite

14. I Hate people who get rude with me when I am trying to help them. It makes me react by getting REALLY stubborn.

15.I Love meeting other bloggers. Its great to see such an array of talent, all doing such different things and carving their own way in life.

16. I Hate washing up. There is something about putting my hands in the water and potentially having bits floating around that makes me feel physically sick. 

17.I Love Charity shopping. But this was obvious.

18. I Hate having a chronic illness. People are generally supportive but I hate having to explain that I am tired. Ive lost a few really unsupportive friends and its hard to explain to someone when you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired.

19.I Love Youtube. Its my guilty pleasure.

20. I Hate the way I let the world make me feel down sometimes


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