Monday, 21 September 2015

West Midlands Blogger Meet

On Saturday I attended the West Midlands Blogger Meet. Way back when I very first started my blog I heard about this event and originally wasn't going to put my name on the list because A) I am not in the West Midlands anymore and B) I had only just started my blog. 

However after talking to Kirsty (Just A Little Bit Ginger) who was running the event alongside Adele (Adele Louise Smith) I decided to throw caution to the wind and go ahead and book myself a place and it was the best thing I ever did!

After chatting to Becky from Blogger and The Geek for a little while, we decided to meet up for a breakfast date before the meet and ended up in Yorks Bakery Cafe with several other bloggers. I always like to meet up with at least someone beforehand as I HATE arriving alone! The food was phenemonal despite a little wait. I went for the avocado and feta smash on sourdough. We were soon chatting away, and before we knew it, it was time to head off to the meet!!

The first person I got talking to was Kirsty, a boobette for the charity CoppaFeelPeople. I have always been an advocate for people checking themselves as I fully believe prevention is better than cure (something I hope to talk more about on the blog soon!). Kirsty herself is a breast cancer survivor, and her story luckily has a happy ending! However we had a long chat about how the NHS fails people etc and I took away some stickers which I intend to stick EVERYWHERE. If you take one thing from this blog please let it be a visit to CoppaFeelPeople and a checkof your boobs!

There were plenty of drinks on offer and I fell in love with the Little Miracles one with Lemongrass and Ginger. It reminded me of the kind of thing I would drink when I have a cold and want a pick me up! That might sound weird, but trust me its a good thing!!

There had also been two talks arranged for us, which is something that I havent had at an event before. The first was from Elizabeth about how to use pinterest alongside your blog. Now I am addicted to pinterest but I had never really thought about how I could use alongside my blog! I learnt a lot and you may have seen you can now pin my images by hovering over them!

I then got talking to the Lovely Nicola from Get You Seen. She was such a lovely lady, and I got really open talking to her about depression and anxiety! She introduced me to the Feel Good spray from Sasy N Savy, which sprayed onto the face made me feel very calm and relaxed. Its something I will definately be investing in once I have some pennies spare!!
There was a raffle for the charity mind which is was super happy about as its a fab charity!! I didnt win anything HOWEVER I did win two special other prizes which will have their own posts soon!!

Lastly I just want to leave you with a photo of the fabulous goodie bags! Stuffed with products from brands I hadnt heard of before as well as some well knowne favourites (Spot that Lush bag down there?)) 

I want to thank Kirsty and Adele for organising such an amazing event and cant wait for the next one! (Bristol October 11th If You are interested ... search PrettyLBloggers on twitter)

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  1. Was such a fab event and lovely meeting you!! :) I have to agree it was such a fun event just wish you could come to the next :(

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee


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