Saturday, 24 October 2015


A little while ago now I signed up to the #BloggerBoxShare programme set up by Becky and MsMistry and I jumped straight in! While I used to have all the monthly subscription boxes, I recently had to reduce my hours at work because of my fibromyalgia and I also am trying to buy a house and so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to be involved in a blogger box without the subscription!

I was paired up with the lovely Lucy from Hello Beautiful Bear. Straight away I went for a little stalk of her blog. It was quite nice to be paired with her, as although she is a parent blogger I can see a lot of similarities in her blog to mine. She likes a lot of the same home stuff I would love to fill my house with!

Anyway onto the box! When I opened it I felt like a child on Christmas day! Lucy had filled it with some really cute pieces and also some happy hippos (which my husband shared straight away with me!)

The cat you can see there on the left, is full of makeup and I cant wait to try it out! Over on the right? The cutest rubbers (erasers) I have ever seen!!

I am really happy with this for my first blogger box share and I hope to continue getting to know Lucy and also to participate in another box share in the future!

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