Tuesday, 27 October 2015

National Black Cat Day 2015

So, did anyone else know this was a thing? I didn't until about a week ago but according to Cats Protection it takes black cats 13 percent longer to find their forever home! Its not something I have ever really thought about, but that said when we got our cats Fagan (our tabby) was the first one we picked! Therefore to celebrate national black cat day I thought I would share my own black cats Nancy and Dodger.

So these two little tinkers are Nancy and Dodger. We orginally went to get two kittens, and ended up coming away with three. Thinking they were all boys Nancy spent the first week being called Oliver. She is very timid, and rarely comes for cuddles, yet when I am poorly she doesn't leave my side! Dodger on the other hand is very sociable, always up for cuddles and very cheeky! He gets into every bit of food he can find!

Ok I couldnt resist one of the three of them together!

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