Friday, 23 October 2015

Prairie Pizzazz Halloween

So, back in September at the West Midlands Blogger Meet I was lucky enough to win a little goody bag from Prairie charms and I was instantly obsessed. I bought two bows straight away and was lucky enough to be invitated to be part of the Prairie Pizzazz team! 

This package came last week and after the previous ones my husband knew what it was and so he didnt tell me it had come until he knew I was dressed and ready to go! He knows me far too well! 

So the first thing I pulled out was this amazing bat clip! If you saw on my instagram my naughty cat dodger decided to run off with this while I was trying to photograph it! Its glittery and gorgous and I can't wait to wear it!

The second thing I pulled out was this skull necklace! Now, I am not a big jewellry wearer but this is something I can get on board with! Its quite small but big enough to be seen and I think its going to be part of my halloween costume!

Next up are these hair bands! These sort if bands seem to be everywhere at the moment and I am not compaining. Gone are the days when wearing a hair bobble on your wrist just in caseleft you with a red mark, these babies look great on your wrist and on your hair!

We also got these butterfly hair bow! Hair bows are my absolute favourite thing to recieve from prairie charms and although I expected it to be a little more halloween orientated I still love it!

We also got candy corn which I was excited to try and a pot of glitter (which I couldnt photograph as I thought it was a lipbalm and it went everywhere when I opened it!!)

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