Thursday, 15 October 2015

Pretty Lovely Bloggers SW Meet @ Cosy Club, Bristol.

So despite feeling really rubbish for a couple of weeks I decided to still go to to The Pretty Lovely bloggers southwest meet in Bristol on Saturday. I knew that meeting other bloggers and eating some good food would do me the world of good ... even if it gave me sore hips and fibro fog afterwards!!
I got this top from the British Heart Foundation, originally from debenhams for £2.79. I instantly fell in love with the print and it screamed autumn at me!! I teamed it with my new waterproof coat from Oxfam, originally moda for £4.99, just in case it rained and my Oxfam Germany boots!

When I arrived at cosy club, I realised that this was my first event I had been arriving alone too!! I needn't have worried though as I walked straight in to see Kirsty and Adele and like every other event I have been to, started talking to other bloggers and before long it was like we had known each other forever! We even had a laugh about the awkwardness of knowing youve spoken on twitter but having no idea who anyone is!!

The first brand I spoke to was the lovely guys behind Dry U. These waterproof bags come in three different sizes and a host of vibrant colours. The guys were so lovely to give me a bright gold coast yellow one, and hopefully I will have a full review up soon!!

I then had a chat about SASS. This brand is intimate skincare, and I really like the idea that the packaging doesn't give it away. I know that we should be able to talk about vaginas, hair removal and intimate products openly but lets face it we don't. I chatted for AGES about this and I was lucky enough to win a set of products in the raffled so again stay tuned for a review of these!!

We then decided to get some food. Even though I had already eaten. I am so easily led by other bloggers and when people started talking about the halloumi panini well that was that. Anyone who knows me will know that I can't say no to halloumi.

There really are no words for this goody bag are there? Adele and Kirsty did grand again! I cant thank them enough for organising these events, and can only say how sad I am to not be able to make the next couple!!

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