Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Shrinking Suit*

First Treatment

So the first thing my husband said when I put on the suit was you look like an idiot. Thanks hun, and its never going to win any prizes for the look but even so I found it quite comfy to wear. My worry would be if you are any larger (Im a Uk 14) the suit would be very tight, I had elastic marks where the trousers dug into my ample belly.

The solution is like a body oil and felt really nice and luxurious on my body. I really like the scent too which is a relief as I am the kind of person who cant use a product if it smells terrible, no matter how good the product is (Lush Hen Sua thing is a prime example)

I put the suit on and got comfy under my duvet for an hour while watching vlogmas (dont judge) and I was worried as the instructuons said that it might itch. I didnt find this at all. After the hour was up I took it off and found that while I had lost inches in some places I had GAINED in others. Meaning my overall loss was 0.5 Inch. Not what I was hoping for but we will see again in 72 hours ...

Second Go

Again I really enjoyed using the body oil but I just don't feel that the suit is worth the £99. I know other bloggers have had good results, but again my inch loss results were minimal. However I would buy the body oil again! Save your pennies ladies, get yourself doing some yoga or going out for a nice run!

  * I was sent this to review, but all of the opinions are my own.

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