Sunday, 4 October 2015

FOODIE: Slimming World Sweet And Sour

So I thought I would do something that I haven't done on here before: A RECIPE. One of the biggest things about sticking to slimming is that i have to be eating a varied and interesting diet. I found a recipe for Sweet and Sour a while ago and I have tweaked it slightly to be budget friendly and also to my taste!

So, to start. I have used pork here (Which was in my freezer, and I thought was chicken) but you can use any meat or quorn or fish. Or Just a lot of veggies! Just chuck anything in!!

I use frozen onions (cheaper) a red, yellow and green pepper I got from the market, 3 tablespoons of passata, 1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar, 1 tablspoon of vegetable bullion, a good shake of chilli flakes ... and the main ingredient?

Tesco No Added Sugar Mangoade. The recipes I have found before say diet fanta, but mangoade is cheaper and I just think it adds a lot of flavour!

First step is to fry off the pork (or whatever meat you are using) And once it is browned add in the onions. 

You then simply chuck in everything else! It really is that simple, let it bubble away for 20 minutes until the sauce is nice and thick!

I always serve it with this rice, cheap and easy straight from the freezer!

And Voila! A tasty, syn free meal in less than 30 minutes. Would you change this recipe?

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