Saturday, 10 October 2015

Top Tips For Charity Shopping

So, when I mention that I love Charity Shopping the number one thing I hear is, "I never find anything good in there." So I thought I would do a little post of my top tips.

1. You have to give yourself time!

Sometimes I will walk into a shop and think, I won't find anything in here today. I look at the rails and they dont immediately fill me with excitement. However, take your time and go through the rails carefully and you might find a hidden gem. You might not. Thats the excitement of charity shopping you never know what you are going to find!!

2. Get to Know the shops

In Leicester where I do most of my shopping I have got to know that the age uk shops tend to lower there prices on stock if it has been hanging around a little while, so its all about playing a waiting game. If I think an item is good but too pricey, sometimes I will go in a few weeks later and it will be there at half the price. However this brings me onto my next point ...

3. If you really love something GRAB IT

I fell in love with a dress once and promised myself I would go back the next day, which i did, and it had gone! Some other lucky bargain hunter had snapped it up. You really do have to buy something if you love it, most shops will hang onto an item for you until the close of business that day.

4. Take cash with you.

A lot of the bigger charity shops now do have card machines (Think Oxfam, Loros, Age Uk, British Heart Foundation) but a lot of the smaller ones are cash only. Taking cash also helps me to budget, as its far too easy when you have your card to overspend!

5. Decide what you want to pay for an item.

Some shops seem to really over price certain items. Generally I wont pay anymore than about £6 for a dress unless its amzing and I decide this before I pick up the item. Its not a hard and fast rule, but I like to pick up an item, and decide in my head what I would pay for it before I look at the tag. 

6. Dont get sucked into the everything £1 trap.

This might seem like a strange point, but recently I went to Blackpool and there are two fantastic shops where everything is £1. The only problem comes when you buy loads of stuff because its only £1 and end up with things that don't fit or arent really your style ... its a false economy if you do that!!

7. Try everything on!

I would say this about general shopping too but even more so with charity shops. A lot of them will seperate the clothes into sizes, but Ive ended up with childrens age 12 leggings because I didnt look. 

8. Try things that aren't necessarily in your usual size

I have been between a size 8 and a 14, but I have bought tops in up to a size 24 (after trying them on) to look great over leggings and with a belt. I have also bought size 5 boots (Im a 6.5) but they fit perfectly. I am pretty sure that the person that donated them was a size 5 and found them too big!

9. Wear something comfy!!

I generally wear a vest top and leggings. As I try everything on, I want something that is easy to get on and off. Also if there is a queue or no changing room at all, it is really easy to throw on clothes over the top.


Fashion in general is meant to be fun, and you can find some weird and wonderful things in charity shops! So please get out there, have some fun and find some bargains!!

Do you have any other tips you think are important? 


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