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Bru Leicester festive indulgence menu

Now, it is no secret that I love coffee. I also love hot chocolate, and cakes, and everything else that is no good for me. Even when I am being good and sticking to Slimming World one of the only ways I have been able to stick to the diet is by having a "treat" meal once a week usually after weigh in. In previous years I have always got excited about the release of the starbucks and costa Christmas drinks. However in the recent months I have been really trying to make the commitment to support local businesses. So when Chloe the manager of Bru invited us along to try out their new festive indulgance menu I wasn't going to say no!

Bru is an independant coffee shop situated in Leicester City centre. Owned by Hamza, his vision is that people will think of bru when arranging somewhere to meet for coffee, rather than the chain coffee shops.
I always loved the atmosphere in Bru. The decor is cosy and I have always had a favourite sofa (which inicdently was the sofa reserved for us bloggers!) During the last few months bru's delicious milkshakes have been one of the downfalls in my diet, but everything in moderation right? We had a chat to chloe and each other and then it was time to sample!


I am a bit of a cliche in the fact that I am totally in love with anything served in a glass jar these days. Fickle? Maybe but look how cute these mini jars look! On the left is the gingerbread latte, which prompted a conversation about whether the little man was too cute to eat (edit: he wasn't. He and the drink were both delicious) Secondly, my favourite was the zesty orange hot chocolate. Imagine if you melted a terrys chocolate orange, added a bit of milk and put some cream on the top ... Yep that would be the one. This was a clear winner among the four of us! Closely followed for me by the candy cane mint hot chocolate complete with a candy cane. Last but not least on the far right was the cookies and cream hot chocolate which Chloe informed us was a favourite among Bru customers. It was amazing and creamy, but to me it couldn't beat the festive feeling the other two hot chocolates gave me!

After the initial sugar rush of the hot chocolates out came this delightful selection of cakes for us to dig in to! We were relieved when Chloe told us these were to share!! The two slices of cake on the bottom right of the picture are a white chocolate and passionfruit gateux and a chocolate orange gateux. They are both egg free, and the lightest fluffiest sponge I have ever tasted. This would make the perfect cake to go with the indulgent hot chocolates!

The next along is the individual white chocolate and raspberry torte which I found really rich. The other girls really liked it, and I enjoyed the flavour but after two mouthfuls I found it far too sickly! Next, the stollen bundt cake took me back to two years ago when I was in Germany at the Christmas markets (and I have already promised my Nana a slice)

We had three muffins to try. I love muffins, especially when they have a gooey centre! The triple chocolate muffin was very rich, the winter spice muffin smelt like I expect a yankee candle to taste and the clear winner for me was the gingerbread and treacle muffin which I could probably have eaten more of (If I wasnt already popping out of my jeans and wishing I had worn leggings ...) 

The last thing I tried was the Raspberry Torte. This again was beautiful (theres a bit of a theme here isn't there?) I could really imagine having this warm with a scope of their famous gelato... Just when I was ready to burst Chloe asked us if we would like a glass of water ... because there was on more treat instore for us!

This is the Christmas Amore waffle. Bru's liege waffles are a treat, made with a dough rather than a batter they are much thicker and have a strong taste of cinnamon. This one was topped with a brownie, gelato, chocolate sauce and flake. Oh and also a beautiful gold dusted chocolate snowflake from Cocoa Amore. 

Once again thankyou to Chloe and the team for making us feel so welcome and allowing us to try out their amazing menu! Please follow them on social media (Twitter: @Brutweets and Instagram 

So if anyone is around in Leicester do take a trip to Granby Street (and I mean if you want me to show you where it is, I will happily come along ...) Bru is worth it 100%

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