Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Five Guys: The best burger in the world?

I had my first five guys in London a couple of years ago now and from the first bite I was hooked. I definately can't class it in my budget eats, but its one of the exceptions that I think is worth paying for on occasions! I always go for the little bacon cheeseburger (Yes this is the little one!) You can top the burger with any of there 15 free toppings ... you can just go all the way like I do with gherkins, onions, mushrooms, ketchup and mustard! 

The chips are cooked in peanut oil and you can have them salted or cajun (I find the cajun too spicy and so it is always salted for me) That above is there little fries ... and we shared them between three of us! They definately dont scrimp on portions or toppings!!

The other draw of five guys is the amazing drinks machine! I am a big fan of coke zero and always go for a mixture of coke cherry and lime. There are thousands of combinations AND you get refills! What more could I ask for? For three burgers, a fries and three drinks I paid £35 which like I say isnt cheap but is value for the mouthwatering burgers!

(P.s. there is one now open in Leicester!!)


  1. I've been wanting to try five guys for ages, I always get so jealous when I see a photo on instagram haha it looks so tasty!!
    Love Holly x


  2. Quite simply, in answer to your question, YES! The best :-)

  3. I'm interested with this one. We have so many burger joints now - what's their unique sell here? Is it better than Crafty, Byron or even the burgers at Turkey Cafe?

    Extreme Housewifery

    1. I havent tried any of those burgers but I really should and then I will let you know!!


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