Monday, 30 November 2015

Goodbye November ...

So where has November gone? I can't actually believe that I made it through a whole month of blogging everyday! I have really enjoyed it actually, although there were some days I felt I was scraping thye barrel for posts! It has made me really enjoy my blog though and I am going to attempt blogmas! Then I will assess next year what I think I can manage, and I may go back to posting every other day or I may try and continue with a blog post everyday who knows!

I started off the month by attempting SlimFast and quickly realising it wasnt for me. I then met up for the first time with the Leicester bloggers and then in quite quick succession had another meeting where the lovely people at BRU in Leicester let us try out there amazing festive menu!

I have written about quite a few charity shop bargains I have had and I hope to continue with this budget theme here on the blog! I have really enjoyed blogging every day and really didn't expect to be able to keep it up throughout the whole month so I have suprised myself there!! I hope you have enjoyed it, and I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with more and more bloggers across social media! Lets hope the last month of the year is amazing!


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