Monday, 2 November 2015

Halloween 2015 at The Black Country Museum

Usually I don't do much for Halloween. Having been to the Black Country museum's christmas events before when I saw their halloween event advertised I asked two of my oldest girlfriends (Katy on the left and I have been friends 21 years!) if they fancied it and they both said yes! So, with costumes loosely based on the sanderson sisters we were ready to go!

I picked up these bat print leggings from primark, the cape from home bargains and threw on an old black dress from h&m and my newish black boots (99p from a charity shop in Blackpool if you are interested) then we were off!

The musueum itself is a victorian living museum in dudley, only about 15 minutes drive from my parents house, and definately worth a visit! The event itself was sold out a few weeks before and so we left really excited! 

When we arrived, we jumped straight onto the old fashioned tram and went down to the village! As if the museum wasn't eerie enough in the dark there were ghosts and ghouls wandering around, staring and utterly creepy!! We decided to go into the school where there were potions to be made, spells to cast and my favourite part? Creepy Crawlies! 

I started by holding a millipede - strangely nail brush like and not slimey like I expected! Then I had this fellow round my neck ... I would have held the bigger one but he was just in his cage for show! We then decided it was time for one of the big attractions ... fish and chips!! Hobbs' fish and chip shop at the museum was opened in the 1930s offering traditionally cooked fish and chips in beef dripping. There was a bit of a que but definately worth the wait!!

We then carried on up the street to the workers institute to listen to ghost stories! All of the buildings at the black country museum have been moved there brick by brick which I always find fascinating!!

Next on our list were tarot card readings which is something I had been interested in for ages! I sat in on Katys and both of ours were scarily accurate!! We then had a taste of the hog roast before heading to our final attraction ... the mine. I have been down the mine before and it is spooky at the best of times but without a guide, just your phone as a torch and ghosts and should lurking round every corner it was terrifying!!

I am already booked in to go to their Christmas event next month and I am determined to visit more next year! We had an amazing time and I would recommend a visit to anyone! Just click here for more information.


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  1. This sounds like such a great Halloween event, which has clearly had a lot of thought put into it by the organizers. You all look great in your outfits! Looking forward to the rest of your #BEDN posts!
    Donna xx
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