Sunday, 22 November 2015

Healthy Living

Todays post prompt: Healthy Living. Its not something I am brilliant at. Last year I lost 2 and a half stone on Slimming World (The photo above is me at my smallest). Then the beginning of this year my mental health and physical health took a sudden sharp decline and its taking me a while to pick myself up, dust off and get out of the traps I have fallen back into.

I have been enjoying my food far too much and not really doing enough exercise. Grabbing things withou a second thought as to how they would help my body or in fact hinder it. I am 99% sure that my poor diet hasn't only been hindering my weight but also how I feel and my aches and pains.

So I am going to start making small changes. Eating less fatty food, drinking more water, exercising more and then after Christmas I will be rejoining Slimming World and going at it full throttle (oh and of course blogging about it every step of the way)

How are you guys planning to live healthier?


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  1. I cycle everywhere, but I'm having too much fun to deal with the food/wine axis of evil. Ooo, except for dining out on a diet of course -

    Too little too late? LOL


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