Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Leicester Blogs Night Out

Last friday I was lucky enough to be invited out by Laura from Extreme Housewife for a bloggers meet up in Leicester. The last couple of events that have happened in Leicester I have been too ill to attend, which is always one of the perks of having fibromyalgia! Anyway the plan was to meet outside cosy club and go for food and a chat. However Laura had told us that she had organised some suprises and so when we arrived she told us that we would be going just down the road to Danique hairdressing for a fashion fix masterclass

The idea behind this is that there are 10 hairstyles that anyone can create super fast at home, even if like me you are rubbish at doing hair! My favourite look that she created was the nouveou knot and as soo as my hair is long enough I am going to try it out! The fab stylist Kerri also showed us how to curl our hair with straighteners, something I am yet to master!

You can purchase gift sets at the salon complete with everything you need to create these looks or for a special night out you can treat yourself to one of the lovely stylists there creating the look for you at the bargain price of £25. I know where I will be going before my christmas do ...

We then heady to Cosy club where we were treated to a lovely goody bag handmade by Laura herself on the back of our chairs. Unfortunately my camera had already died by this point but thanks to Sammy from ZigZagphotography I have all these wonderful images to share with you (My photography would have been nowhere near this good!) We had a browse of the menu while nibbling on bread and olives and drinking prosecco, but I was torn between three or four options! So I was quite relieved when Lianne from the Brunette Says said she wanted the pork belly ... but didn't want to be the only one ordering it! That was my mind made up right then and there! 

I was sat chatting to Kirstie and Hollie and the conversation inevitably turned to blogging! It was really nice to be out with a bunch of girls who blog about different things, but all managed to gel together so nicely. I always say that my main aim for starting my blog was to stop my illness getting the better of me and go out there and make some new friends and so this outing was one of those that really made me grateful for what my blog has bought me! 

Such a candid shot here! Kirstie was one of the very first bloggers I got talking to when I started on twitter so it was great to finally meet here!!

I thought this would be when we said our goodbyes ... but no Laura had a further suprise planned to finish the evening! We headed over to Meatcure who kindly let us try either a cocktail or a hard shake. Myself, Radhika and Steph all went for the dirty white ... which was a combination of amaretto, oreo and vanilla ice cream. It was far too easy to drink and I am definately looking forward to taking the hubby there for burgers and shakes!

I had a fantastic night and cant wait to see all the girls again soon!!




  1. Great post Charlotte. I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis so understand how difficult it is sometimes. I'm having more surgery related to my arthritis this Saturday so may not be up to much for a while. Take care and see you soon.

    1. Its a nightmare isnt it? I hope your surgery goes well, make sure you rest well and get the family waiting on you!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic evening! I really enjoy meeting other bloggers - particularly when food is involved (and no one sighs at you because you won't let them eat it before you've photographed it a million times).

    Laura from http://fulltothebrum.co.uk/ (because I can't seem to log in as my blog)

    1. I love that too! We were all like "has everyone got their photos before I eat" haha meeting other bloggers is my favourite, it makes this space I have on the internet social :)


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