Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Mad O Roukes Pie Factory: Tipton

Todays prompt for the BEDN challenge was food glorious food. Seems like it should be easy to write about? I could talk about my favourite foods all day but I thought that would be a little boring ... so I scrolled through my ipod and found some photos I forgot to share from my birthday (back in July)

So Mad O Roukes pie factory is in Tipton, near my home town of Dudley. To anyone not from the West Midlands you will probably never have heard of it, but if you know where I am talking about and you havent visited get down there now! 

The Pie Factory does what it says on the tin really and serves ... yes you guessed it, pies! Having been a few times now I would recommend the posh n becks steak and stilton pie. You can have pastry on top or have it topped with cheese and either option comes served with battered chips! Now I am not sure if this is a west midlands thing but they are beautiful, and Tom who grew up in the east midlands had never had them before!! Of course, they don't just serve pies but why would you go there for anything else?

We went for the Desperate Dan cow pie challenge ... a whopping 4lb pie complete with pastry horns!! I dont know whether I should be proud of the fact that I failed it? I got a losers certificate anyway!!

They also have some amazing deals. Monday nights are pie and a pint for £5.55 and wednesdays are buy one get one free. They also do takeaway so theres no excuse not to go! 

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