Friday, 20 November 2015

My 100th Post ... What I Have Learnt So Far!

I can't believe that I have reached 100 posts! I dont know why 100 feels like a special milestone. I think its because its triple digits! When I properly started blogging back in the Summer I definately didn't think it was something I would a) end up sticking to and b) really enjoying this much.

I have met some wonderful people and already made some wonderful memories. So what have I learnt so far?

1. Blogging is fun!

I have really enjoyed actually writing my blog. It gives me something to focus on and I really enjoy reading back through my older posts and seeing the fun things I have done this year.

2. You don't need a niche!

When I first started this blog I was really hung up on the fact I wanted to do a bit of everything. Yes my main focus is being thrifty and charity shopping, but now and again I like to splurge and I dont want to feel that I cant share those kind of things on here. Lifestyle blogging is all about sharing my life with whoever wants to read it.

3. You don't have to want to make it into a career!

I love my job. As a health care assistant I care for the elderly on my ward.  I equally love my blog but I actually think if it was my life I would feel that I would start to resent it. I like that if I dont fancy blogging I dont have to. Equally I dont have to take on sponsered posts to pay my bills.

4. Social Media can be a little overwhelming!

Before my blog I didnt use twitter, and now I find myself on it all the time! I have learnt that sometimes though you need to take a break. Trying to keep up all the time can feel exhausting!

5. Blogger friends are the absolute best!

I have met so many people through this blog and I really appreciate everything they do for me. From reading their blogs to having this amazing support network that tweet me and message me when I am feeling crappy. I couldnt get through without them!


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