Wednesday, 18 November 2015

My Bargain Winter Coat (aka it's so fluffy!!)

A while ago I mentioned on twitter that I had bought 5 coats for £17.97. Its true I have been incredibly lucky to find some amazing coats at great prices and I am sharing this one today. I had been wanting to share a post with all 5 in one go but that just hasn't happened so here is number one.

The most expensive of the five at £9.99 I knew I had to have this coat as soon as I saw it. The material is so soft and I knew it would keep me warm. It looked completely unworn and  so I snapped it up straight away!

The only problem is, Its only good when it is cold and dry. In the rain this coat would totally fail but I love it anyway. Bought from the British Heart Foundation in leicester 


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