Friday, 6 November 2015

My Pinterest Worthy Home.

So today I thought I would share with you some of the little bits and pieces I have picked up for my home recently. As you know I love shopping in charity shops, but recently I have been trying to cut back on what I spend there, hence there hasnt been many posts! However I do have a lot of stuff that I have bought earlier on in the year that I can share with you!

We currently rent our home, which means I spend hours on pinterest pinning ideas for my dream home. I ignore the fact that most things would require me having a HUGE house but I have fun. So where I live at the moment I enjoy picking up little bits and pieces to add some personality to our house ... 

Above though is not actually from a charity shop (I know shock horror) But I saw it in Next (a place I usually get ideas from but rarely buy from) and for £3 I couldn't resist. In our relationship we have always said never go to bed on an arguement and this seemed to fit with that theme. The heart lights were on sale in wilkos for £3.

There is a charity shop in Leicester called Life. I think its a stand alone charity shop and not part of a chain because I have never seen any others! Its on Granby Street and from outside doesnt look like much but I always go downstairs to there bric a brac and books! This wicker basket was £2 and is perfect for storing my face masks and little samples in the bathroom so they are always handy to pick up when I want one.

My favourite ever purchase is my sofa! We were looking for a new sofa for a while and I had in my head the one I wanted (I had seen it in Next ...) but with the pennies being tight I wasn't going to spend £400+ on a sofa. When I spotted this sofa in the window of the British Heart Foundation I ran straight in! When it was in the sale and only £50 I just had to have it! It is so comfy and cosy and the best thing I have ever bought! I am looking forward to making it a apart of the home we build together!

Have you bought any cute homeware?


  1. I love this, I've just moved and none of my pinteresty dreams will fit in my tiny flat but I've become obsessed with charity shops and budget shops. That sofa looks so comfy, what a brilliant find! x

    1. Thankyou! You can find some amazing things and theres a lot of things I havent bought because I dont know where I would put them!

  2. £50! That really is an AMAZING find! No wonder you hot footed in to buy it! I have a next sofa that I got for a bargain price, but I'd take a £50 find over mine! I think we have a Life charity shop in St Helens, it's never really open so I couldn't tell you if it's any good!

    1. Haha. I literally rang Tom straight away and told him I was buying a sofa and could he take the old one to the tip and also could he be in for it to be delivered the next day!


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