Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Remembrance Day ... My Grandad.

Today I wanted to tell you about my Grandad. I always get a little emotional during the two minute silence on Rememberance sunday, because I feel so lucky to have my grandad still around. At 94 years old, he has some ... interesting ways of looking at the world but I wouldn't want him any other way. 

I love that he sits in my parents conservatory every Sunday reading the paper.

I love that he had his first Mcdonalds last year and said it was "alright"

Once, when he was watching an advert which asked for £2 a month for a charity he said, 
"They want money for everything these days cats, dogs bloody elephants. Then one day you are walking down the road and you see a woman in a nice dress with white teeth feeding a baby with a spoon thats too big for it." Right Grandad ...

I love that one day he turned up for lunch at my parents house in the suit he wore for their wedding 35 years earlier. Why? Because he tried it on and it still fit so he thought why not.

He spent my wedding chatting up my bridesmaid.

He also tells me off for buying him birthday or christmas presents.

I feel so lucky to have this great man in my life and I know he wont be around forever and so I cherise every moment I have with him!

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  1. You almost made me cry! What a great man this person is, what a beautiful post. My grandfather died when I was only a month old and I was the first (girl )grand child so he was mega proud, have been told that when he used to come back form his job he'll speak to no one until he hold me tight first ( my parents at that time were living with my grandparents). Have been told hundred of times that I think and act a lot like he used to be ! He was a great man & loved by all. Enjoy as much as you can your grand dad, I can tell you love him a lot . xx


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