Monday, 16 November 2015

Saving For Our First Home: Luxuries I Am Giving Up

So, I have been half heartedly saving for a house for the past few years now but with Mr G finishing at university this month. I have decided that If I want to get a house in the near future then we really need to get this ball rolling. I realise that I am spending money on things that I could be cutting back and these things sound silly but they eat up a lot of money! So I am going to be giving up the following.

Lush. This one is going to be a struggle! As anyone knows there is something inviting about a lush store, but realistically at the moment spending £3 on effectively one bath is something that I need to cut back on. Though if anyone buys them me as presents that is ok right?

Takeaways. Again this is another one we have been getting better at due to Slimming World, but we are still partial to a nice takeaway, especially after work. This isnt good for our waistlines or wallets

Clothes. I know I am very good at hunting out a bargain but seriously, my wardrobe is full to bursting and just because a dress only cost £5 its £5 I could have put towards my dream home. I am not going to say that I am going to give up clothes shopping completely, but I am going to stop aimlessly wandering around charity shops! It never ends well ...

Holidays. This one is going to be painful because I really enjoy my holidays but I am going to try and make sure we have some nice cheap days out next year! We are on holiday in a few weeks but that is already paid for.

I honestly know that if I try and be too strict with myself I will break my own rules (as I have done time and time before) so I am going to give myself a small weekly budget for luxuries which I can save up. I am also going to be putting away a little bit of the food budget each week so that once a month we can go out for a meal on a little special date night.

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