Wednesday, 4 November 2015

SlimFast and Me*

So it will be no secret by now that I struggle with my weight. Having lost nearly three stone on Slimming World last year after struggling with my health, medication, not being able to attend group etc I have gained a chunk of that back. So when SlimFast offered me the opportunity to try out there 7 day starter pack I jumped at the chance! 

I have 14 meals (a mixture of shakes and bars) which I will be having for my breakfast and lunch each day! I wish it was 7 shakes and 7 bars - I'm thinking having to have two bars one day will be a bit boring! I also have a healthy balanced meal each night and slim fast have sent me a booklet with some really yummy ideas! However with me being at work all week on late shifts I am going to be getting pre packed meals simply for convenience!!

The 3-2-1 plan couldnt be simpler. 3 snacks (either their snacks, noodles or fruit/veg) 2 meal replacement shakes or bars and 1 healthy balanced meal! I also need to drink at least 2 litres of water and exercise. Im hoping that the structure of the programme will kick start my weightloss! I am hoping to stay on the plan for a further couple of weeks until I go on holiday and I have set some goals:

  • Lose 7lbs
  • Drop a dress size to be a 12 (and back in my denim shorts)
  • Feel confident in my swimming costume (no bikini this year!)
So here goes! I will be posting updates everyday on my twitter and instagram and using the hastag #Slimfastworksforme and I will do a weekly update post on here! 

*The slimfast 7 day starter pack was sent to me free of charge from SlimFast however all opinions are my own

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  1. Good luck with this plan! The cheesy triangles are so nice, I always pick these up from Superdrug just because they are so yummy!

    Kirstie |


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