Monday, 9 November 2015

The £1 Boots Meal Deal with O2 Priority.

Todays post is for those bargain hunters among us (well the ones that are on O2 anyway)  I have been meaning to share this for a little while now, but please dont tell me off, I am a little forgetful! Anyway I have long been a fan of the boots meal deal. For £3.29 you get a Sandwich, a snack and a drink. On the occasion you see above I was feeling festive and also got my monies worth by buying a TRIPLE sandwich.

The sandwich in question to me was like having a three course christmas dinner in sandwich form and it was lovely! The cake, chocolate yule log, well you can't go wrong there! Then i tried to be semi good and have a bottle of water but seriously who am I kidding?

So how much do you save?

Well Total without the meal deal: £5.65
Boots meal deal price: £3.29 (Saving £2.36)
With O2 Priority moments: £1 (Saving £4.65)

The offer is available from 11am - 3pm every monday. It doesn't say when it will end but an old colleague at boots reckons it will be on until the end of the year at least so go and grab yourself a bargain lunch!



  1. ...if you're a Boots employee, you can grab this deal for 27p with discount! Can you believe that? ;-) xx


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