Saturday, 21 November 2015

The 5 blogs that I read every day!

So I thought today I would give a little bit of love back to the community! I have 100s of blogs on my bloglovin and I read them all daily but I thought I would pick out the ones that I personally look out for everyday! Its been really tough picking my favourites because I love so many blogs and so many bloggers out there but I wanted to keep this to my top 5!

Hannahs blog Pull Yourself Together is my absolute go to everyday. She posts a bit of everything including fashion, lifestyle and most importantly her struggles with depression. She is open and honest and when I first started blogging especially it was really important to me to know that I am not alone in feeling this way. I cant thank her enough for this, as she probably doesn't know this but without her blog I probably wouldnt have carried on with my own!

Kirstys blog Just a Little Bit Ginger is a little piece of heaven in itself. From recipes, to lifestyle, to events she has personally organised (along with her partner in crime Adele she organises the Pretty Lovely Bloggers events which are fabulous) her blog is always full of pictures and fun times. Kirsty is just as fun loving in real life and I need to see her again very soon!!

Amandas blog Amanda Bootes makes me hungry every time I go there! I always say I am going to make the recipes she shows, and I need to try out her cinnamon baked donuts! Her lifestyle posts are always brilliant too, the type that you read and laugh along in agreement! She is also this gorgeous bubbly bundle of fun too!

Kates blog the Medic Journal I actually found through Hannahs blog! It was her posts on her double jaw surgery that drew me in and I spent a whole evening just reading through them one by one. She also blogs about her struggles with depression and as I can empathise with this it again makes me feel like I am not alone. 

Tania's blog when tania talks was the very first blog about chronic pain that I read! However its not just about that. Tania talks about a variety of topics such as beauty and lifestyle but she also gives lots of advice and support to those suffering from chronic illness (or spoonies as we generally refer to oursleves) she also runs the spooniespeak twitter chat on a friday night! I was lucky enough to meet her back in September and we spent ages chatting and putting the world to rights! 

Like I say these arent the only blogs that I read but they are the ones that I think you should be reading and dont get enough credit! 

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  1. I'm so flattered that you included my blog in your top 5! I love that I was your first chronic pain blog, I feel so special! Chatting with you was like chatting with someone I've known for years & we certainly put the world to rights. I can't wait to catch up with you again. I'm familiar with a few of the ladies you've mentioned, but not all - I'm looking forward to checking their blogs out! Love you beautiful! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks


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