Saturday, 28 November 2015

What's in my (bargain) carry on bag!

So as you read this post I will be on my way to Fuerteventura! I have been looking forward to this holiday so much as a chance for a bit of winter sun and to clear my head a bit. As regularly readers will know, my mental health has been a disaster this year and thanks to a stronger dose of medication I am finally feeling a bit more human and so a chance to spend a week in the sun with my hubby is just what I need!

I didn't intend to buy a new carry on bag but when I saw this beauty for only £5 in primary I couldn't resist! It's made from a faux leather with this stud pattern on the front which I love. It also has studs underneath to protect the bottom of it! It's quite boxy so fits in a lot of stuff but doesn't look huge!

The first thing I pulled out was my clear plastic make up bag. In the uk you can only take 100ml bottles on board and they have to be in a clear resealable bag and so this one from super drug is perfect and a bargain at £2.99.

In it I have hand wipes, sanitiser and hand cream as we all know aeroplanes can be full of germs! I have my voltarel gel and my deep heat muscle rub as these are always in my handbag for my fibromyalgia! Then I also have dry shampoo and sea salt spray to try and make sure my hair looks ok when we get there! Lastly is my halo deodorant wipes which I won in a giveaway a while ago! 

Next is my Oliver Bonas make up bag. This was definitely not a thrifty purchase, but a blogger enabled purchase! After seeing these all over the blogosphere last year I cracked and bought one when I was in London last January! Always in my handbag it holds all my medication that I have on prescription along with paracetamol, ibuprofen and travel sickness tablets!

I bought this mindfullness book in a charity shop a few weeks ago for £2. It's something I am interested in, as I would like to learn to be more mindful as next year I hope to at least start the journey off my anti depressants and I need to learn strategies in order to do this! 

Also taking my latest shopaholic book as I ALWAYS read this series on holiday and I love it! I also have Tatler and Red magazine to take and will no doubt purchase more at the airport! I read so much on holiday!

Last but by no means least is my travel wallet from happy Jackson. Again not a thrifty purchase but something I treated myself to! I like to have everything organised and this holds our passports, money and boarding cards and so is VERY important! 

I am also going to be taking my phone, iPod, iPad and GoPro but I didn't think you needed to see those!!


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  2. Wah! I get travel sickness too, it's bloomin' awful aint it? You take so much on holiday, not a bad thing. I'm the opposite to you! I pack a hand luggage suitcase and nothing else. My make up is limited and my toiletries almost non-existent. I hate carrying things! Really hope the holiday is the break you needed. Have fun!
    Donna xx
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