Thursday, 26 November 2015

Where do I fit in?

So recently I have been wanting to do more fashion type posts and show off some of the charity shop clothes I have stashed in my wardrobe, but theres this constant thing stopping me. Even when I do post they are just snap shots from my ipod and I always um and ah over whether I should actually post it. So whats the thing thats stopping me?

Body confidence.

I am almost ashamed to admit that I am sitting around 3 stone heavier than I would like to be and also around 2 stone heavier than I was the end of last year. Yet I don't think you have to be thin to be happy and a lot of my favourite blogs are pluss size bloggers who look fantastic in what they wear and I wish I could do that but I feel like I am in this weird grey area between normal and plus size.

Plus size bloggers to me always have big boobs. Mine are tiny. They are pathetic and I would really like a boob job but without the surgery if that was possible! I am all belly. To the point that people have asked if I am pregnant numerous times. 

I just really knew where I fit in this world, and I think that I need to get my figure back how I like it. I think I need to get a wiggle on with Slimming World, because I can't just keep feeling like this. Its driving me insane. 

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